Is it normal to have a sofa in a bedroom?

I will just jump right into this and say, while it is unconventional, you can have a sofa in your bedroom. But this comes down to your taste and preference as well as the size of your bed. Also, you will need to have everything in perfect order to allow for unobstructed movement in your bedroom. 

Another factor that will come to play is the type of bedroom you want to have a sofa in. the kid’s or apartment bedroom may not be ideal, but a master bedroom, thanks to its enormous size, can be perfect for a sofa.

If you decide to have a sofa in your bedroom, make sure that the furniture is of the right size. You don’t want to create an overcrowded space or a sense that the sofa is the most dominant item in the room.  

Also, you need to be careful about where you place the sofa. I have seen some people placing it at the feet of the bed, but this is not the most ideal place. Here is where you should place an ottoman or bench. 

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Sofa position in the bedroom 

The best position for it will depend on how you use your bedroom. In front of a window or near the wall positioned to face the bed enables conversation between a person sitting on the sofa and the person in bed. 

You can also place it at the foot of the bed, though not ideal, it will create a conversation area apart from the bed. This also doubles up as a sitting room, without the bed being the center of interest. 

Other great positions include placing the sofa along the wall facing either the other side of the bed or the foot of the bed. 

After positioning the sofa in relation to the bed, you now bring the whole room together by using coordinated cushions and mats.

In case of a small bedroom, leave the wall opposite your bed free to save the open space. Try to find a space on the remaining walls, this will free up the room. 

A sofa can look plush or sleek in your bedroom, depending on the color, fabric, or the different leathers for your sofa. 

Tips for positioning sofa in the bedroom 

Since you will be having at least two of the largest pieces of furniture in your house in your bedroom, you need to be careful with how you place the sofa in your bedroom in relation to other large pieces such as the bed and dresser. 

Here are a few tips to consider: 

Consider balance 

When arranging furniture in any given space, we always look to achieve appropriate balance. This aspect allows us to avoid having many visually heavy items on one side of the room. With that in mind, you will be having two dominant pieces of furniture in your bedroom – the bed and the sofa, which will casually take up much of the visual space. 

So, place your sofa across from the bed to balance out space.

Breathing room 

The bedroom, in most cases, is one of the largest rooms in a house and you can use this feature to your advantage when positioning a sofa in the bedroom. Normally when operating in tight spaces, you would push the sofa up against the wall to create more room. But if you have enough space, consider pulling the sofa away from the wall to create a breathing room around your sofa.

Consider traffic patterns 

Map out the path you usually use when entering and leaving the bedroom and make sure the sofa does not block the flow. 

Make sure the way you position your bedroom sofa, it leaves a clear path so you can walk around easily without knocking your feet on objects. 

Consider placing the sofa in front of the door 

This might sound counterintuitive; especially considering it might block your path. However, if your bedroom is big enough and your couch has some pleasant upholster, placing it in front of the door can work perfectly for you. The key is the availability of space to allow for easy traffic paths. 

Use the right-size rugs 

One of the main purposes of area rugs is to offer decorative properties in the room. So when you decide to have a sofa in your bedroom, make sure you get a large area rug that both the sofa and the bed can rest on. If you don’t have a large rug, ensure at least the front legs of the sofa and bed sit on the rug.