Best Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks in 2020

One significant finishing touch to decide on when decorating your dream farmhouse home is the kitchen sink. While in hindsight, a kitchen sink may not matter in the overall decor of your home. However, your home will undoubtedly look more put-together with a farmhouse kitchen sink.

What are farmhouse kitchen sinks? They are meant to be more functional than aesthetic. However, the design is amazing and really improves a kitchen in with a rustic home feel. 

In this article, we’ve compiled the best farmhouse kitchen sinks that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. All of these can be bought online, from the comfort of your own homes. That’s why, before you hit your nearby Home Depot or home development stores, you need to check out this article first.

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How we made our selections

Each kitchen sink in this list is chosen according to how well it fits with the whole rustic, vintage, farmhouse theme. Aside from the visual appearance, we also considered the functionality as the primary aspect of our choosing process. After all, you would want a kitchen sink that matches your farmhouse while being extremely useful at the same time.

Top choices

  • Editors Pick – Ruvati Verona Apron-front Workstation Farmhouse Single Bowl
  • Best Fireclay Sink – Ruvati Fireclay Reversible Farmhouse Apron-front
  • Best Copper – Sinkology Adams Farmhouse Handmade Copper Kitchen Sink
  • Best Single-Bowl Stainless Steel Sink: Kraus Standart PRO Kitchen
  • Easiest to Clean: Kraus Standart PRO Kitchen Stainless Steel Double Bowl
  • Also Great: Sarlai Gunmetal Matte Black Farmhouse Sink

Editors Pick: Ruvati Verona Apron-front Workstation Farmhouse Single Bowl

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kitchen sink single vintage

This 36-inch farmhouse kitchen sink by Ruvati looks rustic and vintage while being incredibly useful and functional at the same time.

It comes with the 36-inch stainless steel, a cutting board, a colander, a basket strainer, a drain assembly, as well as an installation guide. The built-in 3.5 drain opening will fit most garbage disposal units in your home. All of these extra items will surely prove to be functional when working around the kitchen.

Stainless steel, as an aesthetic material is quite flexible. It easily matches any theme or color scheme, especially if it is the color of rust and sunsets that are the usual palette when it comes to these farmhouse homes. The look of the kitchen sink, when put together, with the cutting board, basket drainer and racks, certainly match the rustic tone that you are going for.

This is also extremely durable, with a chrome finish for the stainless steel, a heavy-duty sound guard undercoating, and thick rubber padding to prevent noises and squeaking. The accessories that come with the sink are also high-quality. The cutting board is a 1-inch solid woodcut, while the basket drainer and racks are a Ruvati Verona expertise.

Customer feedback is positive and satisfactory. A lot of them have found this workstation farmhouse kitchen sink incredibly useful, especially when cleaning up or preventing messes from happening in the kitchen. Since the accessories are meant to be used with the sink, all extra liquids and scrap materials go directly to the pan where they can be collected properly.

Best Fireclay Farmhouse Sink: Ruvati Fireclay Reversible Farmhouse Apron-front

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fireclay sink

This fireclay kitchen sink is specially designed to match a farmhouse-style home.

Fireclay is a unique white clay that is baked at extremely high temperatures (2900 degree Fahrenheit). The particular process of making fireclay is what makes it extremely durable and high quality. Not to mention, this specific sink is made by the skilled Italian artisans, who specialized in working and making sinks using fireclay. The surface is infused with enamel to prevent chipping, scratches or abrasions. This combination makes for a high-quality, long-lasting kitchen sink.

The surface is resistant to a lot of common household chemicals, hot water, hot temperatures and so forth. That’s why it will not corrode or breakdown when faced with some harsh chemicals or substances.

The sink includes stainless steel protective bottom rinse and a rinse basket, for easier straining and drying of ingredients.

One major feature of this kitchen sink is that it is reversible. The other side is flat, and smooth, while the other side features a decorative ribbed design. You can choose which model becomes the “front” upon instalment, based on what you think matches your house better.

The most repeated words in the feedback of previous customers are that it is a “beautiful, durable, and functional” sink.

Best Copper Farmhouse Sink: Sinkology Adams Farmhouse Handmade Copper Kitchen Sink

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copper sink

Copper, rusted steel, or distressed iron, are some of the most commonly used materials when it comes to farmhouse homes. The distressed look is very pleasing and is often done to types of furniture intentionally.

That’s precisely why this 33-inch kitchen sink with an apron front will match your farmhouse home. The color is in antique copper, and will undoubtedly pair well if you have some similar material in your kitchen. You also have the choice of making this sink a central feature in your kitchen, by matching it with creams and light colors for your cupboards and countertops.

Sinkology sinks are specially made to be high-quality and resistant to harsh substances. It will not turn green with simple, indoor use. Moreover, this particular sink is made of pure copper, that is handcrafted and hammered together by highly skilled artisans.

While it is copper, and copper does require maintenance, because of its nature, the maintenance routine is extremely doable, and will not be an extra chore for you. You only need to rinse the sink with warm water after use and wipe it down with a clean washcloth. These steps are necessary to prevent immediate copper discoloration, that is a normal part that comes with owning a copper sink.

The frequent feedback for this Adams farmhouse sink is that it is well-made, looks great and is extremely useful in the kitchen.

Best Single-Bowl Stainless Steel Sink: Kraus Standart PRO Kitchen

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stainless steel sink

As previously discussed, stainless steel is an incredibly versatile visual material. This Kraus stainless steel sink looks sleek, and chich, easily matching any other material that you may choose for your farmhouse home sink.

Stainless steel, as a material for sinks, is also highly durable and resistant. This Kraus sink makes use of heavy-duty dent-resistant stainless steel that will hold well against substances and corroding liquids. The durability of this sink will last you a lifetime.

The functionality is also top-notch. The large size will make movement free, for washing multiple things. Moreover, it will be able to accommodate any large pans or pots that you are using in your kitchen.

The kitchen sinks come with a protective stainless steel bottom grid, a 3-piece basket strainer set, a unique Kraus kitchen towel and a cutout template. These accessories add to the overall kitchen productivity.

The overall construction of this sink is to ensure a high-quality product. The pan has a stone guard undercoating, and rubber pads that are meant to reduce noise and squeaking. All accessories are also made with high-quality materials.

A lot of previous buyers have expressed their extreme satisfaction with this stainless steel sink. Some consider this to be a good investment, as it looks good, and is sturdy. It is undoubtedly a good deal, considering the low price that it comes with.

Easiest to Clean: Kraus Standart PRO Kitchen Stainless Steel Double Bowl

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double stainless steel sink

This 36-inch double bowl stainless steel sink is the easiest one to clean, out of all sinks in this list. Stainless steel is naturally resistant to chipping, discoloration, or any other adverse effects that may be caused by common household substances that you may be dumping in this sink. This sink is easy to clean and does not require any significant cleaning regimes, but just regular washing with warm soap and water.

This sink is one of the best selling ones that have been tried and tested by time and multiple buyers. It is made of heavy-duty dent-resistant stainless steel. The stainless steel has a wear-resistant satin finish that is against corrosion and rust.

It is also tranquil, with NoiseDefend soundproofing technology that provides rubber pads that cover 80% of the sink, for sound absorption.

It comes with 6, high-quality, premium-grade accessories: a 3-piece basket strainer set, drain assembly with strainer, Kraus kitchen towel, 2 protective stainless steel bottom grids, and a cutout template.

This sink is also designed for maximum productivity and functionality. The drainage system is superior and efficient because of the gently sloped bottom to allow water to run and not collect within the sink continuously. This gentle slope is also perfect so that glass cups will not tumble when placed inside the tub.

Previous customers certainly enjoy the low maintenance, easy cleaning and easy installment that comes with this sink. Not to mention, it is extremely visually pleasing as well.

Also Great: Sarlai Gunmetal Matte Black Farmhouse Sink

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farmhouse sink matte black

Among all sinks in this list, this is the one that matches the vintage, farmhouse home aesthetic the best. The apron-front is sleek, matte-black gunmetal that serves as the perfect contrast for varnish and wood grain textures. The sink itself is made of the same material as the apron-front, with the same matte black gunmetal finish. The wood accessories, like the chopping board and rack holders, are varnished of an orange-tone, that is a perfect match with the gunmetal matte black.

This farmhouse workstation sink comes with a protective bottom rise grid to prevent scratchings, a drain strainer, a cutting board, a roll-up rack, and a colander.

The main feature of this farmhouse sink is the matte black gunmetal finish. It is said to be similar to the workings of a lotus leaf, as it is a waterproof surface, and droplets easily slide to the drain. This makes maintenance extremely easy.

While the finish is the matte black gunmetal, the sink itself is made of heavy-duty, dent-resistant stainless steel that never rusts, stains, and is easy to clean.

What to consider when buying farmhouse sinks 

Kitchen sinks are one of the home improvements that should be considered as investments. If chosen wisely, you are looking at a farmhouse kitchen sink that will certainly last you a long time and will hold through multiple home renovations. 

Here, we’ve broken down the factors to look at when deciding for your farmhouse kitchen sink: 

The size

Most farmhouse kitchen sinks come in 30-inch, 33-inch, and 36-inch. You have to buy a kitchen sink that is big enough to accommodate the pans and pots that you will be buying. 

However, if you already own some tried and tested kitchenware, consider the size of the largest pots that you have and be sure to buy a sink that is certainly bigger than that. 

It’s generally a good idea to buy oversized sinks, as the extra space will serve as leeway for washing or working in the sinks. Small, narrow sinks aren’t very useful in the kitchen, and you end up stacking your dishes in the countertops where they shouldn’t be placed. 

The material 

Farmhouse kitchen sinks come in a variety of materials—from stainless steel to fireclay, to copper. Each element has its own positive and negative side to it. It’s only a matter of choosing a material that you know will be perfect for your lifestyle and kitchen use. 

Most farmhouse kitchen sinks that are made of stainless steel are made to be heavy-duty and dent-resistant. In which case, they do not stain or corrode very easily. 

Copper and other metal-based materials have a lot of downfalls. The cleaning regime is more demanding than other materials, as it is needed to prevent the discoloration or the corrosion of your copper farmhouse sink. 

Fireclay is exceptionally heavy-duty; however, it’s not very forgiving when it comes to the force from dropping the dishes. Also, if you are not careful, your fireclay kitchen sink might chip or crack easily. 

Porcelain sinks are less durable than fireclay but are still considerably heavy-heavy duty. However, like fireclay, porcelain is at risk of chipping and cracks if not handled carefully. 

Consider the number of bowls 

You have two standard varieties of sinks based on the number of bowls: a single bowl, and a double bowl. The single is undoubtedly more spacious compared to the double. However, both varieties have their pros and cons, and it’s merely a matter of choosing something that you think will work best with your kitchen. 

An under-mount sink is recommended 

Undermount sinks are attached under the countertop, creating a seamless look. This way, there are no raised edges where grime and dirt could collect and deposit. 

Undermount sinks look sleeker and more comfortable to the eyes and are considered to be more luxurious. By choosing an under-mount sink, you are adding a subtle touch of elegance to your kitchen. 

An Ending Note

This sink is primarily functional, with ample space and efficient design, that works well with the accessories that it comes with. The workstation ledges are incredibly versatile and can be used according to what you need to get done for the task at hand.

Those were the 6 best farmhouse sinks that you can buy from the comfort of your own home. From double bowls, single bowls, fireclay, to stainless steel, as well as workstation sinks, to regular kitchen sinks, we’ve covered a wide variety, and you will surely find a farmhouse sink that ticks all the boxes.