The Best Area Rug You Can Buy For Under $200

Rugs are considered to be one of the finishing touches that tie a room together. While not as fundamental as furniture, they are equally as crucial because of the warmth and coziness they bring to the room. Rugs add a touch of being “at home” and in your element. After all, who would want hard cold floors? Moreover, rugs are a great way to emphasize and accentuate the overall theme and aesthetics you are going for. 

Rug shopping can be overwhelming. There are a lot of different styles, textures, sizes, and designs in the market. Before you hit your local stores, Brooklyn Reclamation has put together this list of the best area rugs that you can add to your home. This compilation of the best area rugs is all available online—for under 200 dollars. 

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How we chose each rug 

Each rug was chosen to fit the vintage and upcycled style that is the overall theme for your new dream home. All eight carpets excel at specific subcategories and we have tried to include different types of rugs and materials to fit every shopper. From classic vintage to colorful and traditional designs, we’ve covered a wide variety of rugs that it’s impossible not to find what you’re looking for. 

The Best Area Rugs You Can Buy For Under $200 (Links to check price on Amazon)

Best Accent Design – Unique Loom Bright Tones Vintage Traditional Blue Area Rug

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baracoa bright rug (1)

Let’s kick off with this traditional rug that is both bright and colorful. It weaves through colors of blue, lighter blue, reds and golds to form a conventional, somewhat exotic design. The primary color of the edges is blue, perfectly complementing the blue that is peppered through the design. 

This rug is undoubtedly best used as a room accent piece. You can certainly make good use of its color and style to make a room pop and stand out. This is best partnered in a room with lighter, contrasting colors. 

However, despite being aesthetically pleasing, this low-rise, the high-resistant rug is also perfect for high-traffic areas and busy people. It’s reasonably flat, while still cozy. The flat, low-rise construction is also what makes it kid and pet-friendly. It doesn’t shed, and dirt and stains are also easily spotted, for the recommended spot cleaning. 

Not to mention, the cleaning recommendations are not that demanding. Aside from the spot cleaning needed for urgent and significant stains, it only needs to be vacuumed regularly. 

Previous customers have expressed their satisfaction with this product. Most of them comment on the excellent quality, despite the under $300 price tag. This 0.33-inch thick rug is resistant to water, mildew and stains, but is still made high-quality to last you a lifetime. 

Others are undoubtedly happy because of the effect that this rug brings to their room. It makes them much cheerier and puts them in a pleasant mood. 

Best Traditional Classic Design – nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Rug 

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moroccan byythe area rug (1)

The second rug on this list is a complete 180-degree contrast. It is neutral in color, and does not sport the same shocking design as the other. This classic vintage rug will surely provide you comfort, while at the same time, bring a room together. 

The color is a classic white grey. When viewed from afar, it would look like any regular light grey rug, except for the intricate Moroccan pattern that runs across the whole length of this rug. The design is a combination of crisscrossing lines, diamonds, waves and peaks, framing together circles and teardrop shapes. It adds a whole new layer of interest into the room. The pattern mimics lace or weaving, and thus would match well with these vintage materials. 

Similar to the first rug, this light gray Morrocan rug is also perfect for high traffic areas. It is low-rise and flat and does not pose an obstruction to walkways and entryways, where free movement is necessary. This rug is also pet and kid-friendly, as it does not shed, and the light color makes stains easy to find. 

The only cleaning that these rug needs are regular vacuums and spot cleaning for mild stains. If the stains are stubborn to remove, dry cleaning is recommended. In which case, it’s very low-maintenance, despite being perfect for frequented areas. 

Customers have experienced satisfaction from this rug. While it does not claim to be stain resistant, a customer who is also the owner of six dogs is amazed by how much this rug has stood up against her six dogs, dirt, and spill stains. 

Best Modern Rustic Design – Unique Loom Modern Plush Cloud Gray Rug

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shag collection (1)

If you are going for a more modern upcycled, distressed theme, you may want to look at this plush grey rug that is both modern and rustic. 

This modern rustic rug is a classic dark grey, that can perfectly be integrated into your home’s style or color scheme. It is mid-rise and plush, presenting a shaggy, soft pile that you could sink your feet into for comfort and softness. This is best used as a bedroom and living room rug, to maximize the softness. However, it is recommended for high-traffic areas like walkways as well. 

While it is mid-pile and shaggy, it is still ideal for households that have kids and pets. It is designed to withstand the elements, and it will undoubtedly last you a long time, It is high quality, and made to be resistant against mildew, stains and water. It also does not shed, despite its shaggy, plush appearance. 

The recommended cleaning won’t be tedious for you, either. It only requires regular vacuuming. You can also simply take it out the house and shake off any debris or dirt that may have clung onto it. The shampoo is only optional, but if you do use one, it is recommended to dry the rug immediately. 

Many previous buyers say that this rug is excellent quality for its relatively low price. They have also personally witnessed how well it stands against wear and tear. 

The listing standard is the light grey rug. However, there are other options available, as well. 

Best Classic Vintage – Unique Loom Modern Traditional Vintage Green Area Rug 

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imperial vintage rug (1)

This traditional green rug presents a weathered, distressed pattern. If you look closely, there are light threadings that form a border for the rectangular rug, as well as intricate designs of flowers and leaves. However, the carpet looks like it’s old and aged, perfect for those going with a distressed look in their homes. 

This is a short-pile indoor area rug, that presents warmth and softness while being durable. It is made of polypropylene, which is an incredibly soft material. It is also made to be resistant against water, mildew, mold and stains, and it will certainly not deteriorate over time. Since it is a low-pile rug, the only cleaning it needs is regular vacuuming and occasional spot cleaning for significant stains. If you do decide to use a rug shampoo with the vacuum, just be sure to dry it quickly. 

It is soft and made to be high-quality. In fact, customers are at a consensus when it comes to the softness and quality of this rug. Most consider it to be a happy purchase and a good deal for such a low price. 

If you are worried that green does not go well with your design, don’t worry too much as you have other options. The listing standard is a green area rug. However, you can choose from blue tones, grey tones and orange tones as well. These are all very classic colors, and you will surely match a color to your vintage, upcycled home. 

Best Bohemian Design – Artistic Weavers Updated Traditional Rug in Orange 

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traditional rug (1)

While this rug is certainly colorful, the colors are quite muted that present a pleasant and beautiful bohemian look. Because the colors aren’t so shocking, it can perfectly fit into any home, while fading into the background. 

This is a large area rug, at approximately 8 by 10 feet, and is therefore perfect for high-traffic, large-spaced areas such as a living room, a bedroom, the kitchen or the dining table. 

The rug presents a dark blue border, cream or off-white background, and other colors that are scattered into the design, such as golds, oranges, pinks and greens. The design is busy and exciting, sporting a large crest in the middle of the pattern. It will undoubtedly add a layer of interest into your room of choice. 

This rug is medium-rise, perfect for those who have kids and pets. It is made to be versatile and durable and can handle pieces of furniture on top of it (which is essential, considering its size that needs to overlap with items of furniture). It also does not present any obstruction on areas the require the maximum movement. 

The cleaning is also not very demanding, as it only needs regular vacuuming and the occasional spot cleaning with a clean cloth. It is a very forgiving rug, that does not require high-maintenance. 

Customers are definitely satisfied with this product, and they seem to be on a collective agreement that this rug looks much better in person than it does on pictures. It is also high quality, and can perfectly withstand heavy furniture (such as a sofa or table), that are placed on top of it.

Best Traditional Vintage – nuLOOM Fancy Persian Area Rug  

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vintage persian area rug (1)

This is one of the most colorful, with the busiest pattern, rugs in the whole of this list. It is a Persian rug featuring a traditional Persian weave pattern. This rug is undoubtedly best to act as an accent or pop of color against a contrasting-colored room. You may also choose to match it with an equally-vibrant color scheme. 

The primary colors of this rug are pinks, blacks, blues, whites and oranges, forming a flower in the center, that seems to be amidst a dark, starry sky. The whole area of the rug is bordered by a pattern of pinks and swirls of blues and oranges. It is a very mesmerizing design if you take a close look. 

This is a low-rise pile that is capable of handling heavy furniture on top of it. It is made to be sleek and functional, providing comfort but not an obstruction to walkways and entry halls. This rug is made to be durable, and kid and pet-friendly. It is undoubtedly a suitable rug for any location—from high-traffic bedrooms and living rooms to the kitchen and the dining table. 

The cleaning regime for this rug is also perfect. It only needs regular vacuuming and spot cleaning for mild stains. Dry cleaning is recommended for more major, urgent stains. This is perfect, considering that it is best located on areas with a large amount of dirt and falling food debris. 

It will undoubtedly add a vibrant touch to the room, as testified by previous customers. They are also satisfied with the look and quality of this exotic Persian rug. 

Best Distressed Design – Safavieh Vintage Medallion Distressed Area Rug 

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vintage snowflake area rug (1)

This is the rug with the best-distressed design, out of all the rugs that are included in this list. The size is standard, perfect for small living rooms, bedrooms, walkways or the bathroom. It is a dark-blue and off-white rug, featuring a bordered and swirling pattern that seems to have aged off with time. It is a beautiful design. 

If this color combination of navy blue and the cream does not work for you, there are other choices to choose from, such as a Fuschia and ivory, turquoise and ivory and grey and ivory. 

It is made to be versatile for all different kinds of areas and homes. It is kid and pet-friendly and recommended to be placed on high-traffic areas. It also does not shed, as it is made from enhanced and virtually non-shedding polypropylene fibers. The unique blend of polypropylene, jute, polyester and cotton, makes this rug soft, comfortable and highly durable. It is able to withstand and resist against natural elements that might be met by this rug, 

Safavieh has a long-standing and trusted reputation when it comes to home furnishings and decor. And the testimonies of Safavieh rug owners confirm this reputation. 

Most customers are happy with the loom and very high quality despite the distressed/worn look, saying that it completes the room and is undoubtedly a good deal for the price. Navy and creams seem to be the most popular design. 

Best Floral Design – nuLOOM Vintage Floral Area Rug 

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floral area rug (1)

This nuLOOM area rug features a stunningly beautiful floral design that would be a perfect subtle pop of color to your vintage, upcycled home. 

The primary colors are turquoise, pink, yellow and white. It features a turquoise backdrop, with pink flowers and white leaves, that have gold trimmings. In the center of the rug is a large, multilayered flower, that has a dark red inner ring, pink middle ring, and white outer petal ring that is outlined gold. 

It is a standard-sized rug, with a 3 by 5 feet dimension. It is perfect for small living rooms, bedrooms, walkways, the bathroom or even the foyer. 

It is low-rise and flat and can provide warmth and comfort, without presenting an obstruction to free-movement areas. It is also made to be resilient from everyday wear and tear. Not to mention, it is both pet and kid-friendly as it does not shed off small materials. 

The maintenance for this beautiful rug is not too demanding, either. With only a cleaning regime of regular vacuuming and occasional spot cleaning for stains, this rug will match your lifestyle. 

The frequent feedback from customers is satisfaction from the design and quality. However, some are disappointed to find that the colors are less vibrant in person than they appear on the camera. It’s good to keep that in mind when buying. The colors are more autumnal and faded, perfect for a vintage, upcycled theme. 

Those were the best area rugs that you can buy for under $200, all from the comfort of your own home. All of these are distinguished according to the subcategories that each rug excel in.

What to consider when buying a rug

Shopping for rugs shouldn’t only be about buying a carpet that fits your budget and overall design. And it should, therefore, be chosen carefully, considering the impact it will bring to your new home. 

There are quite a few factors to be considered, and we’ve discussed most of them in this subsection. 

What are you using the space for? 

The texture, design, and size of the rug are dependent on your plans for space. 

First, consider the room that you are buying the rag for. Will it be for your bedroom—where things are more private and cozy? Or will it be for the living room—to receive guests and give them a warm welcome? Or will the rug be for a lesser-used room (like a guest room, for example)? 

If it’s for a frequently used room, you would want to consider its durability. It should be resistant to frequent usage and should be able to last you for a long time. If it’s going to be placed somewhere where it’s more likely to be seen than used, consider the aesthetics over the functionality. However, it’s always a good idea to buy a rug that is both aesthetically pleasing and durable. 

What is the style you’re going for? 

Are you trying to go for a more classic vintage look, with creams and neutrals but with exciting textures? Or are you looking for something fancier, with a distinct color palette?

Or would you want the rug to be the center of attraction in the room, putting it in contrast against everything else? Or you simply want a rug to complement the room beautifully, tying it all together? 

The answers to these questions will determine the color, style and design of the rug that you are looking for. 

It would undoubtedly help to have already a clear idea of what you want the room to look like. If it’s a neutral beige room, and you intend for the rug to be an accent, it would undoubtedly be an outstanding idea to have a rug in a shocking color, with an elegant, scene-stealer design. 

What’s the maintenance you’re willing to compromise for? 

Different types of rugs all have different levels of maintenance. Rugs that are made of delicate materials, such as wool, would need regular care. Moreover, rugs that are made to be dense demands more cleaning as compared to sparser rugs. 

However, maintenance is not only dependent on the type of the rug, but on the location, as well. If the area rug is located in a high-traffic area, where it receives a lot of dirt and is exposed to dust, it will need more frequent cleaning. 

The point here is that you have to know the maintenance and cleaning demands of the rug that you are buying for, and decide for yourself if you are able to commit to this maintenance schedule. 

If you know you won’t be able to keep a high-maintenance rug clean, then, it is best to settle for the low maintenance ones. You can’t precisely sacrifice sanitation over your rug aesthetic preferences. 

What is your lifestyle like? 

The next factor to consider is your lifestyle. Does your rug fit the life that you are living? 

Do you have children or pets? If so, you certainly wouldn’t like rugs that would be difficult to clean or easily sheds. The bodily fluids of your children or pets could be buried deep into a high-rise rug, without you even knowing. Moreover, your kids or your pet could pull on the threads or material that is shedding from your rug. And that is undoubtedly unhygienic.

Do you walk around the room barefoot? If that’s the case, you should go for a shaggy, comfortable to the feet rug that can provide you warmth. Do you walk around with slippers on? You certainly would want flat and leveled rugs if you are a slippers person. Sandals carry dirt from one place to another, and you certainly wouldn’t want the dirt deposited to your rug. 

What does the rug feel like? 

Does the rug serve its purpose by being cozy and soft? Or is it prickly and uncomfortable? Does the texture of the material change over the seasons? Or over time? Does it get stiff and crusty? Or is the softness preserved for a long moment? 

Generally speaking, you would want a soft and comfortable rug that is consistent, no matter the temperature or season. Also, there are rugs out there whose quality and feel does not deteriorate over time. You can undoubtedly find rugs like those and still be well under your budget.