Types Of Rugs For A Living Room

The main functions of an area rug in the living room are to provide warmth, comfort, and decorative interest. When used correctly, they can serve as floor artwork, and they can provide a foundation on which to place your furniture and bring the whole house together.

For that reason, you should pay attention to the type of area rug you choose for your living room to benefit from its qualities. 

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The different types of rugs for a living room 

So are the different kinds of living room rugs? Here are some of the most common area rugs you should consider using in your home. 

  • Shag 

This rug is usually soft and with really long threads. Because of this, they are perfect for bare feet application and in low traffic areas such as in front of the TV or under the table. 

  • Needlepoint 

Unlike shag rugs, needlepoint rugs are not suitable for high traffic areas because they are quite delicate and wear off easily. Nevertheless, this rug gives you plenty of options when it comes to design. 

Because it is very delicate, you should use this rug for decorative purposes only. 

  • Cut and loop 

Cut and loop rug combines both the low loop-pile and high cut-pile design and is often made in two colour schemes to conceal soiling footprints. 

  • Cut pile 

Chances are you have already used cut pile rug in your home because they are very common and popular among homeowners. These rugs usually come in different styles, including nylon, olefin, and wool. Of the styles aforementioned, wool is the most expensive since it is a natural rug material. The best thing about wool rugs is that you can blend them with different materials to benefit from its qualities fully. 

Cut pile rugs are also soft beneath the feet and offer a cozy feel and luxurious look that is unmatched. They can also be cleaned easily using vacuum since the dust and other dirt cannot reach the hidden parts. Though cut pile rugs offer much more superior comfort, the exposed fibers can be susceptible to damage and tattering over time. Also, depending on the thickness of the rug, it may show footsteps as well as other impressions.

  • Oriental rugs 

An oriental rug is a term used to describe any generic label rugs. However, if you want genuine ones, then you should look for the ones that come from China, Iran, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Tibet, Turkey. From southern regions of the former Soviet Union like Armenia and Azerbaijan, Northern Africa from countries like Egypt and Morocco, and Balkan countries such as Albania and Romania. Oriental rugs stand out from the rest because they are usually manufactured in both traditional and modern designs. Because of that, they are the most versatile rugs in terms of decorating.

  • Loop pile 

These types of area rugs are popular due to their durability. The loop design means the fiber will not fray or show footprints and other marks from furniture. Because of their coarse texture, loop pile rugs can also work correctly in staircases or where people might slip. 

However, the only downside of the loop pile rug is that they are not as silky as other rugs. However, that is what makes perfect for a living room.

Loop pile rugs can also be challenging to clean because it is easier for dust and dirt to find a way into the fiber. 

  • Kilim 

These flat tapestry-woven rugs are usually produced mainly in Pakistan and Balkans but most popular in the western countries. Kilim rugs are produced by firmly interlinking the wrap and weft filaments to form a flat surface without a pile. 

  • Flatweave 

Flatweave rugs are arguably the most suitable rug for a living room due to their thin and low pile. They also have a lightweight texture and come in various designs in terms of material, size, and pattern. Flatweave rugs are mostly made from jute, cotton, wool, or silk. 

  • Handmade weave 

If you want something customized, you can go for a handmade living room rug. You can make it your own or visit your local craft shop. 

  • 3D patterns rugs 

Three-dimensional rugs are beginning to become popular within the interior decoration world. They offer a cozy and luxurious way to add a 3D touch to your living room. 

There are many different types of rugs to choose, not to mention different materials. We have plenty of articles on rugs that you might want to check out, one of them answering the question can you put a small rug in your room to make it feel bigger.