9 Best Rustic Bathroom Vanities

When it comes to building your home and improving it, one of the essential pieces of furniture that you would want to spend time reviewing is a vanity. 

Vanities are either in bathrooms or bedrooms, two of the most frequently visited rooms in your home, and it automatically becomes a part of your everyday life. Your vanity would hold all your essentials and would serve as the place where you will get ready.

Additionally, since you are bound to spend most of your time in your bedroom, you would see your vanity all of the time. 

These reasons are enough to warrant careful deliberation when deciding about the vanity that you will be buying. One of the main reasons people change their bathroom vanity is when the marble top is cracked, luckily. Our guide helps you with that.

Thankfully, the process doesn’t need to be stressful for you because Brooklyn Reclamation has already compiled America’s best vanity units that you can buy from the comfort of your own home. 

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How we chose each vanity 

There are two main reasons why we buy a vanity: 1) for a” getting ready” place, and 2) to have extra storage. That’s why in choosing our vanities, we are judging them based on their functionality and storage. 

Another essential factor that we have incorporated is the design. We try and give a variety of options, but we lean towards a rustic farmhouse and vintage style of vanity because that’s the theme of our website. 

Therefore, the design of the vanities was chosen to complement and match the countryside interior. 

Chans Furniture rustic teal sink and vanity (Best Overall)

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In our opinion, this vanity is the most fashionable one out of this list. Visually, its rustic teal color is a beautiful pop of color against the neutrals that are usually incorporated in a countryside home. However, it’s not too vibrant of a teal and is actually designed to look like aged wood, and that the teal paint is fading away at the corners. The knobs are also rustic in style, perfectly matching the aged wood look. The countertop is white marble, offering a clean style that is perfect for bathroom sinks. It is also the ideal size on the average size of farmhouse bathrooms.

Function-wise, it sufficiently serves its purpose as a bathroom vanity (link to check the current price on Amazon). There is enough space on the sink for bottles of essentials and other hygiene products. There are four spacious drawers on each side that can store towels and other extra products. There is a larger drawer in the middle, and below it is more storage space for more substantial materials.

Function-wise, it sufficiently serves its purpose as a bathroom vanity. There is enough space on the sink for bottles of essentials and other hygiene products. There are four spacious drawers on each side that can store towels and other extra products. There is a larger drawer in the middle, and below it is more storage space for more substantial materials.

Despite its price, it is well-made, with solid wood, a marble countertop, and drawers that slide out easily. The hinges for the small closet door are also smooth and fantastic.

If you plan on buying this vanity, we suggest incorporating other teal designs in your bathroom, as well.

Pamari Cassara single sink bathroom vanity

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This 30-inch Pama Cassary vanity (link check price on Amazon) and sink are the best for smaller bathrooms, as it conserves space without sacrificing storage. It comes in two farmhouse colors: classic ivory white and geneva oak. The pure white exterior perfectly matches the dark metal embellishments. One side is covered by a sliding door system, with a dark metal handle and dark metal units. The other side has open shelves that can house matching organizers that can slide out for storage. These baskets already come with the vanity. It offers enough fixed-position shelves that divide the space sufficiently for storing bathroom essentials and products.

The integrated sink and countertop offer enough space for basic hygiene essentials like lotion bottles and oral hygiene products. 

However, it is worth noting that the vanity wood can easily be scratched as the wood is not sturdy enough. That’s why it’s essential to be careful while handling it. The barn sliding door mechanism may also fall apart if forcefully opened or pried. Aside from those, this vanity is perfect for your dream countryside farmhouse.

Benton Collection light blue distressed corner sink and bathroom vanity 

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This small, 24-inch vanity is the perfect sink and vanity combination to turn your empty corner bathroom space into a functional vanity, storage, and washing area. The light blue, aged wood is an excellent complement to the neutrals and whites used in farmhouse bathrooms. 

It is small but fulfills its purpose as a corner vanity (link to see the price on Amazon). Instead of being a regular triangle, the longest side is curved to maximize space and storage. Since it is a corner vanity, a mirror is out of choice. Technically, you can put two mirrors meeting by the corners, but it’s not advisable as the reflection will be affected by two mirrors placed at an angle.

The countertop is made of classic white marble and high-quality wood. While it is quite expensive for its size, it makes up for the well-made vanity that will certainly last you a couple of years before deciding to redecorate once again. Previous customers have expressed satisfaction with the marble top and the overall quality of the vanity. 

Like the teal Chans Furniture sink and vanity from #1, we advise incorporating other distressed, light blue elements to tie the whole area together.

Modway walnut white mid-century bathroom vanity and sink 

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This Modway mid-century style bathroom vanity and sink combination is the most modern design among all the vanities in this list. It is made of white ceramic countertops and a curved basin that adds a classic look to the rustic feel that the walnut wood body has. It is elevated through tapered legs and provides a modern but still rustic design that will surely fit your plantation homes. 

It is very functional as a vanity. The flat surfaces for extra storage of frequently used items are wide and sleek. The walnut wood body houses a large drawer and an ample closet space with shelving units. The best thing is that you can adjust the shelves, to fit the sizes of your bathroom essentials and items.

It is made of high-quality materials, with excellent support from the tapered legs and a walnut grain laminate for the wood. The size is perfect for average-sized bathrooms and conserves space but still manages to provide ample storage space. You can find the vanity on Amazon.

UrbanFurnishigs white marble top bathroom sink and vanity 

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bathroom sink vanity (1)

The design of this vanity is more elegant and sleek than others but still manages to match the whole farmhouse aesthetic we are going for. It is arguably more fitting for an elevated farmhouse style, like the home of the owners of a vast plantation, rather than the farmers themselves.

The white Italian Carrara marble countertop offers a sleek but functional design. This vanity is more significant than most vanities in this list, at a 48-inch width body that houses six sliding drawers on either side and one closet storage space in the middle on top of a larger sliding drawer for larger bathroom items. The knobs are also modern and contemporary in design, perfectly matching the white marble top. 

Since it is large, it provides ample storage and countertop space for your bathroom materials and other products. It serves its purpose as a bathroom vanity very well, considering its large size. 

It also comes with a matching mirror and backsplash that is equally modern and contemporary in design. They perfectly match the elegance of the vanity (link goes to check price on Amazon)

It also comes with a matching mirror and backsplash that is equally modern and contemporary in design. They perfectly match the elegance of the vanity. 

Previous buyers are pleased with the sturdiness and quality of the vanity. It is made of solid oak wood, after all. The materials are not cheap or flimsy. Buyers have said that this vanity is a bang for your buck. 

ARIEL Cambridge bathroom vanity and sink 

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This vanity offers the cleanest and most sleek designs among all vanities that are on this list. The countertop is made of white Carrara Marble, and the rectangular sink is white and classy. The black wood body is a beautiful contrast against the white top. The drawer handles are brushed with a satin nickel finish, quickly adding to the clean look of this vanity. It also comes in a greyish-white color to better fit your tastes and renovating style for your rustic home. 

With its 48-inch size, it easily fulfills its double role as vanity and sink. There is plenty of storage space with four sliding drawers on each side, one main storage space with shelving units, and one large bottom drawer for larger items like bath towels and the like. The rectangular sink is designed to maximize space and functionality.

The construction of this vanity is high-quality, and there are no components where the company cut corners for maximum profit. You get what you truly pay for with a high-quality bathroom vanity that is made with an elegant feel. The two self-closing doors are smooth and easy to open, providing more convenient access to the bathroom essentials stored inside. The sliding drawers also easily budge out, without the need for struggle or force that may damage the vanity. 

The company prides itself on 100% customer satisfaction, both in the product, customer service, and delivery. It is safe to say that this is not just a claim as previous buyers have expressed over-the-top satisfaction with their vanity sets. 

The Tub Collection solidThe Tub Collection wood and tempered glass bathroom vanity and sink. 

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The main unique feature of this vanity is the tempered glass countertop and vessel sink. Instead of usually integrated basins into the countertops, the sink sits on top of the countertop, giving a raised and unique look. The countertop can be chrome faucet or brushed nickel in color, providing beautiful modern contrast to the elegant and classic white wood vanity. The drawer handles are made of traditional metal, which is also brushed with a chrome finish, perfectly complementing the modern design. While it is a modern glass aesthetic, it can still fit your rustic farmhouse interior with the correct decorations and style choices. The top is made of tempered glass and is not fully opaque. Therefore, you can tell that the drawers have items in them. Don’t worry, as the glass is opaque enough to hide the identity of the contents. 

It is another 48-inch vanity, providing ample countertop space and storage. The main body has six sliding drawers, three on each side, and one in closet space with shelving in the middle. The vanity comes with a matching mirror, faucet, and drain. The mirror is large in size and has a white wooden frame.

Previous customers have expressed their satisfaction with this modern glass top vanity set. And surely, you will enjoy yours, too. 

Runfine white finish classic bathroom vanity and sink 

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runfine vanity

You can never go wrong with classic furniture to match classic interior designs. This is the most straightforward and most classic design from all the vanities mentioned in this list. It features a simple model of the central shelving unit and a back pull drawer. The sink almost takes up the whole top, leaving only a small space for the truly essential items like your oral hygiene set. The sink is made of China, while the handles are brushed with a chrome finish.

It is also offered in a walnut finish to match the other wood elements in your distressed farmhouse interior. For a more muted color, a metal grey option is also available. 

The best thing about this classic, minimalistic design is that it is very functional and easy to match with different kinds of rustic house styling. The hinges are smooth and open like butter. The drawers slide like the sliders are wet and slippery. The storage space is ample, as the design is created to maximize storage. 

Buyers have praised this vanity for looking great with well-made, high-quality materials that will last you for a long time. Considering the price that it is sold at, it is immaculate and functional while looking great in the bathroom. 

Burleson Home Furnishing white sliding barn door single sink bathroom vanity

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farmhouse vanity

This copper sink white vanity is the one that screams “farmhouse!” the most from its design. The sleek, copper countertop and sink are rustic and classy, perfectly matching the earth tones of a farmhouse. The white wood presents a stark but chic contrast, as it is designed to look distressed like it’s old. The main mini closet space is covered by a sliding door system, while the side storages are covered with steel mesh. It doesn’t get any plantation farmhouse than that.

It is very functional and serves as a bathroom farmhouse vanity very well. The sink is fairly medium in size and offers a full countertop surface for other bathroom products. There is also enough storage as it has multiple shelving units behind its mesh and sliding doors. 

The paint is polished to avoid yellowing and preserve the distressed design of the wood. Not to mention, the barn sliding doors employ a smooth-rolling system for easy access to the storage space. Authentic 100% copper is used for the sink and the countertops, adding to this vanity’s durability and industrial design. 

The sliding door mechanism and steel mesh doors are unique and serve as a nice touch to a farmhouse. 

Finishing up and final thoughts

Those were the nine best vanities that you can buy online to match the countryside farmhouse of your dreams. This list offers nine different vanities of nine different styles and factors that each vanity excels in. With this wide variety of styles and designs, you will surely find the perfect vanity for the vision of your home. 

We considered the functionality and storage spaces aside from the designs of these vanities. Additional factors, such as inclusive mirrors and faucets and size and price, were considered well. 

If you don’t want to scroll back up, here’s our number one choice – Chans Furniture rustic vanity (Best Overall) link goes to Amazon.