Fixing a loose shower faucet

fixing shower head loose on wall

How do you know your shower faucet is loose? It will slowly grind away the valve stem that is attached to. You can remove the faucet plates off and the …

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Will Flex Fix a Cracked Bathtub?


Cracking is a widespread occurrence in fiberglass bathtubs. There are three reasons why bathtub cracks, including materials used, damage from aggressive cleaners, and damage from weighty objects. But some materials …

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Toaster in Bathtub – What Happens?

what happens if a toaster goes in a bath

One of my favorite songs by The Wombats is “Greek Tragedy.” In the music video, a girl becomes madly obsessed by the band members that she is beginning stalking and …

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3 Best Vintage Farmhouse Style Baths

vintage bathtub

When we think of vintage and antique bathrooms, the most common scenario in our heads is Victorian era movies where the main character is soaking in a bathtub in the middle of a dingy …

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How to Hang a Mirror

how to hang a mirror (1)

Hanging mirrors isn‘t the same as hanging other wall decors. Precautionary measures should be taken to ensure that the mirrors are properly secured to the wall. The slightest movement or …

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