11 Best Farmhouse Mirrors You Can Buy Online

Mirrors are an essential part of home decorating. A simple mirror can bring brightness to the room, and provide an illusion of a bigger space. By hanging a mirror to a wall, you are breaking up the continuity of the wall, providing an illusion that the walls stretch much further than they do. 

Like with everything that you’re buying for your dream farmhouse, mirrors should also be designed to match the rustic and distressed look that you’re looking for. You can’t really have a modern, clean-cut mirror without it looking out of place in your otherwise perfect, rustic farmhouse. 

Before you start combing through your consignment stores or furniture shops near you, we recommend going through this list of mirrors first. We’ve compiled the best rustic mirrors that you can buy from the comfort of your own home. 

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How we picked each mirror

All eleven mirrors on this list are the best on a specific subcategory for farmhouse mirrors. For example, we have mirrors that have the best art deco or rustic designs. The editors have also taken the liberty to handpick a mirror that we recommend for you.

Top choices

  • Top Pick – Round Layered Rustic Hanging Wall Mirror
  • Editors Pick – Vintage-Look Rectangular Hanging Mirror
  • Best Art Deco – Elements Wall-Mounted Mirrors of Assorted Sizes
  • Best Rustic Wood Design – Round Distressed Rustic Wood Mirror
  • Best Unique Design – Octagonal Hanging Wall Mirror
  • Best Modern Vintage Design – Amazon Basics Rectangular Wall Mirror
  • Rustic Porthole Window Decor Frame
  • Umbra Hub Wall Mirror
  • Best Vintage Makeup – Pearl Oval Makeup Mirror
  • Modern High Arc Hanging Wall Mirror
  • Honorable Mention – Deco 79 Wood Window Mirror

Top Pick – Stone & Beam Round Layered Rustic Hanging Wall Mirror

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round layered rustic wood hanging wall mirror (1)

This mirror is our top pick for the reason that it best fits the farmhouse theme. The main feature is a thick, layered frame, showcasing multiple wood shades and textures. It makes for a perfect exciting design that is certain to grab the attention of onlookers and home visitors.

The two-layered wooden strips, of different colors and styles, add a three-dimensional rustic look, and will undoubtedly elevate a wall, or give the room a sure pop.

The circular frame is large, housing a sizeable circular mirror inside that is both functional and high-quality. Mirrors like these are best put as main-focus wall decors on main living rooms, or main walkways in your homes.

This is high-quality and expensive-looking, despite the price tag. It is undoubtedly a good investment on your rustic farmhouse. You can find the mirror on Amazon.

Editor’s Pick – Stone & Beam Vintage Look Rectangular Hanging Mirror

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Stone & Beam Vintage-Look Rectangular (1)

It’s easy to understand why this vintage-style mirror is our editor’s pick. It’s simple and straight-forward, but the real beauty lies in the subtle details of the frame. If you look closely, you can see the features that make this mirror one of a kind.

The distressed and aged wood look is definitely interesting, and adds a unique touch to a room. The streaks of brown that act as discoloration adds a new layer of interest. Not to mention, the decorative screws and metals are already rusted, amplifying the rustic look of everything else.

This mirror is simple and easy to position. The size and orientation are standard, that makes it a perfect hallway mirror or even a mirror to a room. You can even choose to hang it sideways, depending on your available space and room. The quality is also top-notch, giving the perfect, clear reflection for users.

Best Art Deco Design – Elements Wall-Mounted Mirrors of Assorted Sizes

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art deco wall mirrors (1)

There is nothing more art deco than these wall-mounted circular mirrors (link to check the current price on Amazon), without frames. Art deco is known for precise geometric shapes, and these clusters of circles make a great art deco design that adds a unique spice to an otherwise dull room.

The overall style looks busy, but not too busy that your eyes would be confused upon first look. The varying sizes provide a story—it is interesting that makes the eyes want to follow.

These mirrors are really well-made, which is essential because there are no frames to hide the imperfections. The surface is smooth and plain, making it very functional. The backing and hooks are also well-hidden, providing a more seamless, sleeker look. It doesn’t look like the mirrors are raised, but it seems to be incorporated to the wall. Also, the edges are very professionally made, which is also crucial since they are exposed to the eye and physical touches.

Best Rustic Wood Design – Stone & Beam Round Distressed Rustic Wood Mirror

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distressed rustic wall mirror (1)

This mirror is from the same company as the first mirror on this list. That’s why it explains the same look and design of the frames. The only difference is that the design for this mirror is much more pronounced and bold, giving a beautiful emphasis on the rustic wood design. Also, since the frame is much thicker than standard frames, it offers more surface area to showcase the distressed wood design.

It offers the same bluish-gray base wood color, but with streaks of brown that appear to be discoloration or rust onto the wood. The inner part of the frame is raised, adding a new layer of uniqueness to this mirror.

The shape of this mirror also adds a softer, more whimsical personality to a room. It’s undoubtedly an excellent mirror for a white wall with minimal decorations, as it accents the will accent the wall well.

Customers have raved on and on about this mirror and its rustic wood design.

Best Unique Design – Stone & Beam Octagonal Hanging Wall Mirror

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vintage octagonal wall mirror (1)

Out of all mirrors in this list, this is probably that unique one of all. It’s difficult to find mirrors with a similar style as this one, considering the unique shape, color and design.

It’s an octagonal mirror, with part of the frame crisscrossing to overlap and create a beautiful pattern against the mirror. The pattern forms a geometrical flower, amidst the octagonal shape of the frame. However, it makes sure to leave ample free space in the middle of the mirror.

The color is also relatively one of a kind, with a creamy white base, and gold accents, that is distressed to look antique and old—like the paint is chipping away in some places. Its weathered chic, and adds a lovely raised and unique element to a plain wall.

The quality is also excellent, with a reliable and functional mirror and a solid wood mirror frame. Unlike other mirrors that are attempting a unique design, this mirror does not fail in the aspect of functionality, as it leaves the middle part available for good reflections.

Amazon Basics Rectangular Wall Mirror

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rectangular wall mirror (1)

This one is simple and classic. The simplicity makes the design modern and chic, but the wood frame is what makes it vintage at the same time. The simple, rectangular shape and neutral wood frame is a perfect combination for a modern vintage mirror.

The beauty of this mirror lies in its simplicity. It’s simple and classic enough that it can easily be matched to the various interior decor styles and color schemes of your farmhouse home. It is also simple and classic enough that it can be matched to a wide variety of wall decors that you may want to use.

The standard shape and size are also flexible. You can put this room in entryways, and hallways, or your living room, bedrooms or bathrooms. You can even hang it on a landscape orientation to achieve a different feel and purpose.

Buyers are certainly pleased with the quality and consider this mirror a bang for the buck.

Rustic Porthole Window Decor Frame

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porthole mirror (1)

Hang this porthole frame on your living room, and you will undoubtedly earn some interesting faces and compliments from visitors. This design is unique and outstanding, and if matched with the right interior, you can undoubtedly add a nautical, vintage, ala Titanic, style to a farmhouse room.

It is made of aluminum. The design is made to mimic a shipwreck as if the frame was once a ship’s convenient window.

The circular shape and raised style adds a contrasting look to otherwise cornered shapes. You can even choose to “open” the window, and have the mirror be built from the frame even more.

Keep in mind, however, that it is only the frame that is for sale, and you would still need to buy a mirror that fits its dimensions to be used as a porthole mirror. Previous customers have also complained about the frame not being true to its advertisement. However, repainting it to your taste will undoubtedly solve the problem.

Umbra Hub Wall Mirror

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hub wall with rubber frame (1)

This is the cleanest design out of all mirrors in this list. It is a chic, sleek and straightforward circular mirror with a thin, rubber frame that acts as a beautiful enclosure around the edges.

Since the rubber frame is thin, it makes the actual mirror surface the focus of attention and provides a full surface for reflection and functionality.

The quality of the mirror is crucial for these mirrors that have thin frames. In which case, this Umbra hub wall mirror does not disappoint. The mirror is thick and even, allowing for a continuous and clear reflection.

Mirrors like these are perfect wall accents, while at the same time, they are functional. And so, it’s best to position them where they can be useful. Entryways, walkways, or above vanities or on bedrooms would be the ideal locations.

Because of the large reflective surface, it makes rooms larger and brighter. Plan the location of the mirror around this knowledge.

Best Vintage Makeup – Pearl Oval Makeup Mirror

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vintage style pearl makeup  mirror (1)

If you want something fancier, like the old, decorative mirrors that were used in women’s powder rooms in farmhouse palaces, this vintage-style mirror is undoubtedly perfect for you.

The color is a pearly, off-white, and the frame is curly, with intricate details of embedded jewels and metal carvings. While the base mirror is vertically oval, the fancy frame provides a vertical organic shape. Pearls outline the edge of the mirror, where it meets the frame. It’s elegant and vintage. There is also a back stand for the mirror if you choose not to hang it.

Mirrors like these best serve a decorative purpose since the frame is so aesthetically-pleasing and designed for decoration. However, you can still use it as a functional mirror since the reflective surface is large and even.

Hang it on your room, or even on your bathroom, as a vanity mirror. Or, you can choose to display it on more common areas of the house as well.

The frame is well-made, and all the details are intricately placed that you can physically distinguish each swirl, using your naked eye.

Stone & Beam Modern High Arc Hanging Wall Mirror

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arc iron wall mirror (1)

Out of all the mirrors in this list, this is the most functional. The size is relatively huge, and correctly serves its purpose for a medium-length mirror. The quality is also excellent, and the surface gives even and bright reflections, even if the wall is janky or uneven.

With this high arc hanging mirror, you can stretch the room vertically, and provide ample brightening. The frame is also thin, perfectly emphasizing the mirror itself.

Adding to its functionality, there is a shelf in the bottom, where you could put essential items and bottles. This mirror is best placed on entryways, where you can check your reflection before leaving the house. The shelves could also house your everyday perfume or lipstick colors.

Previous buyers have expressed their satisfaction with this high-quality minimalistic but functional mirror.

Honorable Mention – Deco 79 Wood Window Mirror

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wood window mirror (1)

We just had to include this window mirror in this list, as an honorable mention. The shape and style screams farmhouse aesthetic, with a wooden frame that resembles a rectangular window with a semicircle top arch.

The wood frame is white, with a distressed look to it—keeping up with the whole rustic, farmhouse theme. The wood frame is relatively thin, but not thin enough that the antique look is not noticeable anymore.

This type of mirror is best used on walls without mirrors, where you’d like there to be one. You can easily fool the eye with a window-shaped mirror like this, while still being able to brighten a room.

However, the drawback for this mirror is that it’s not very functional. It is purely decorative. The mirrors inside the window panes are too small to see your own reflection clearly. Customers love it as a decorative window, and they rave about the times they had visitors fooled with it.

Those were the best rustic farmhouse mirrors that you can buy from the comfort of your own homes, all picked according to rustic subcategories.

What to look for when buying mirrors

While mirrors are usually bought for decorative purposes, it’s essential to keep in mind that mirrors should be functional, too. And if you choose carefully, you can stretch the appearance of the room for an illusion of a more extensive space, or add personality and a special touch. We have here a small subsection that discusses the things that you should consider when buying a mirror. 

  • What is the wall you’re buying it for?

While we don’t expect that you already have a wall for the mirror, especially, if you’re still during the initial stages of renovating/decorating your home, it will certainly be helpful if you have an idea of the wall, and its location relative to your home. 

A mirror reflects everything that is in front of it, and so, it’s best to be careful when choosing where to hang the mirror. 

Moreover, the layout of the wall should also be taken into consideration. This will help you determine the size and shape of the mirror that you want, relative to the objects located around it. 

  • Size of the mirror 

The size of the mirror should be chosen based on the space you have for it and what you want the mirror to be. Do you want it to be the main focus in a room, or merely a backdrop decoration? In which case, the larger the mirror, the more attention will be drawn to it. 

  • Shape of the mirror 

The shape of the mirror dictates the personality of the room. A more angular shape (such as square or rectangle) gives a clean and orderly look. On the other hand, a mirror with rounded edges gives the appearance of being softer or less uptight. You can even put together mirrors of varying sizes to form an organic image. 

  • Orientation of the mirror

Aside from the dimensions of the mirror, you should also keep in mind its orientation when buying. A horizontally long mirror will make the room seem wider since it stretches the width of the wall. A vertically long mirror has the opposite effect, as it will make the room taller and stretch up the ceiling to the eye. 

If it’s the height that the room lacks, consider buying a mirror to compensate for that. The same goes with a room that is lacking in horizontal space. 

  • Style of the mirror

The mirror style should complement the overall design of the room, for an even, pleasing look to the eyes. Even if you want the mirror to stand out, you still want to make sure that it matches the interior design idea that you have. In which case, this article details farmhouse mirrors, of different subcategories under the farmhouse style. 

  • Quality of the mirror

An excellent tip to keep in mind is to buy a good quality mirror. It doesn’t necessarily mean that a high-quality mirror is expensive. You can still get your hands on a high-quality mirror for cheap. The minimum thickness of a quality mirror is ¼ of an inch that gives a clear and continuous reflection. Flimsy mirrors will present uneven surfaces and distorted images that won’t look very good in your home.