6 Best Rustic Coffee Tables You Can Buy Online

One of the central pieces of furniture in your living room is the coffee table, meant to match or complement your couch. A coffee table is intended to serve as a convenient tabletop that can hold decorations, books, or any other items. It is usually below the height of the sofa cushions and is essential in directing the traffic in a living room. 

Coffee tables are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture. They can be made with a wide variety of materials—from wood, metal, glass, or even marble. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. With these many variations and combinations of coffee tables in the market, it can get confusing to decide on the coffee table to incorporate into your farmhouse home.

For this particular article, we’ll be introducing to you the 6 best rustic coffee tables that you can buy online. You’ll hopefully be able to find the coffee table that perfectly matches your dreams for your rustic home.

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How we made our choices

The selection of all 6 coffee tables in this list was carefully made and executed. We’ve considered the significant aspects that determine the quality of a coffee table, namely: sturdiness, space, durability, and storage space. 

All 6 coffee tables in this list will perfectly fit a rustic and industrial farmhouse home. 

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Best Rustic – Emerald Home

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This is our pick for the coffee table that is a crowd favorite. It has a 4.6-star average rating on Amazon, from over 1.6K+ ratings of satisfied buyers. 

It is 48 inches in length, which is the perfect size for regular-sized sofas and living rooms. It is double-tiered, with an open shelf that is incredibly convenient and useful for extra storage and tabletop surface. The hardwood look, coupled with the industrial steel, is the perfect material that will go well with your vintage, rustic home. We suggest matching the hard rustic wood to similar furniture that is also made of the same material. 

A positive point for this coffee maker is that it comes in various colors and sizes—which makes it easier for you to match it with your already-existing theme. It could be 45 inches, 48 inches, an end table, or a sofa table. It also comes in six different colors: natural fir, antique grey, brushed grey, pine brown, pine dark brown, or whitewash. This wide variety makes it possible so that you can build your own living room table set. 

It is made of solid wood, a metal base, and an open shelf. The construction is well-made and sturdy, which is a good quality for a coffee table investment. 

Previous buyers are delighted with their Emerald Home coffee table. They were quickly able to find the perfect coffee table for their living room and preferences, in terms of size, color, and look. It comes delivered into your home exactly as it is advertised. 

The one main disadvantage to this coffee table, though, is the uneven surface. This could be quite charming but will pose a problem with keeping in balance cups or flat-bottomed items. We suggest buying matching coasters that will keep your cups and bottles in place. 

Best Multipurpose – Walker Edison

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This is our personal pick for the most versatile coffee table in this list. It comes in sets of two, in different styles and colors. It is the Amazon’s Choice for “reclaimed barn wood end table”, and has almost 200 ratings that amounted to its 4.5-star average rating. 

You can buy the coffee table, side table, entry bench, or entry table version. You can also choose from the 6 available colors of dark walnut, driftwood, greywash, gray wash, reclaimed barnwood, or stone grey.

The overall design and silhouette of this coffee table are simple and contemporary, making it a flexible design that can match a wide variety of living room themes. However, what makes this coffee table truly rustic is the colors that it is featured in, especially the reclaimed Barnwood style that looks incredibly distressed and vintage chic. 

You can easily buy a set of matching tables that you can use for various parts of your home, for a pulled-together, elegant look. We suggest to use similar reclaimed barnwood furniture or matching color hues for a sleek and simple interior decoration. 

The construction is solid and sturdy, with a melamine finish on the seat, a powder coating on the metal, and corner metal angle brackets. Moreover, it has a low metal storage shelf and a hardware pack as an included component. 

It is rated a 4.5 for its sturdiness, another 4.5 for its easy assembly, and a 4.3 for value for money. Previous customers have given feedback that praised the high-quality construction and impressive look of this coffee table. Their experience with ordering, delivery, and assembly are all smooth-sailing with no particular complaints. 

There are some isolated cases of the coffee table being damaged during delivery, so it’s best to be vigilant and to keep an eye on damages upon arrival before you sign the documents.

Best Minimal – Amazon Brand Rivet Hairpin

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This is our chosen coffee table for the best and most impressive looking coffee table that you can add to your rustic living room. It will surely add an element of interest with the hairpin-shaped metal legs. The thin legs and thick tabletop combination create the illusion of a “floating table” when viewed from afar. This is genuinely vintage and distressed look for a coffee table. 

The classic walnut veneer finish is a lovely elegant touch and style. The top also complements the dark-painted metal legs. The wood top has a convenient flat drawer/extender that can be pulled out if you need an extra surface or storage area. 

There are also high and low table options, which will allow you to choose the height of the table. The low table version is perfect as a coffee table, while the high table option can be used as a mid-century table or vanity. It is functional, versatile, elegant and sturdy. There is nothing more that could beat a coffee table that is an all-around package. 

Rivet is an Amazon brand classic that produces different kinds of furniture for your rustic home. It incorporates vintage, mid-century, and industrial motifs that are perfect for your ever-changing taste and lifestyle, from chairs, sofas, rugs, decors, as well as dining and kitchen options. 

It is well-received by over 200 previous customers who left a total average of 3.9 stars. The most common phrases that praise this coffee table in the reviews section are the following: surprisingly sturdy for its look and size, extremely easy to assemble, expectations exceeded by the actual coffee table, and beautifully elegant. This coffee table performs impressively for the long-run and doesn’t require tedious maintenance regimes. 

Also Great – AMOAK Industrial Coffee Table

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This AMOAK industrial coffee table is our personal choice for the most functional and practical coffee table amongst all coffee tables in this list. It is the one that provides the most amount of storage and wood top area. It has an impressive /4.8-star average rating from the 70+ previous buyers who were left extremely satisfied with their coffee table purchase. 

The design is simple but sophisticated. It takes minimalism and elegance and turns it into something practical and useful. The top and bottom shelf are of the same size, following a simple brick design. The two-tiered design allows for maximum efficiency and storage area for the remote control, books, keys, and other items. 

This coffee table is not only elegant and functional but also durable and high quality. The wood top and bottom shelf are made of particleboard and iron frame, with a clear and natural wood grain. It also has a waterproof and wear-resistant finish. The steel frame is also sturdy, with a non-toxic, no-smell coating of black paint. This makes it long-lasting. 

The best and most unique feature of this coffee table is that there are adjustable footpads. These are extremely useful when the ground is uneven or not leveled, to prevent any scratches that may be produced by the metal steel frame. 

An in-depth review of the feedback will reveal that there are little to no complaints about this product. It is effortless to assemble, looks great and put together, highly functional and efficient, and it lasts for a long time, too! We’re willing to bet that this will be the smartest and proudest purchase of your life as of yet. 

Also Great – FOLUBAN

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If you’re looking for a simple and minimalistic coffee table, this rustic wood FOLUBAN cocktail table is our recommendation for you. There are only a top-tier wood surface and two square metal stands. This minimalistic design removes the unnecessary components of a coffee table, leaving you with a simple, clutter-free, and tasteful coffee table. The wood grain top looks perfect and elegant against the contrast of the black matte frames. 

More than 100 previous customers have left a 4.5-star average rating. In specific, this coffee table is rated 4.8 stars for easy assembly, 4.6 stars for sturdiness, 4.5 stars for value for money, and 3.8 stars for small spaces. 

This is built to last and look pristine even with years of usage. The coffee table is made with an MDF wood grain, that’s 2 inches thick. The metal frame is powder-coated with a black matte finish, and the thick and sturdy tubes can hold up to 300 pounds. 

The main feedback about this coffee table is that it is straightforward to assemble. Which is to be expected, as it is designed to be assembled by anyone. All you have to do is follow the clear instructions that are in the manual. It would only take you 5 minutes to put it together, and you can now use your brand new cocktail table. 

Other feedback points out the clean and tasteful design of this coffee table that looks amazing in their modern farmhouse homes. The construction and sturdiness of this table have also exceeded expectations. Some buyers opted for the “add a drawer” option that you can screw under the table for extra storage space if you lie to hide your remotes or keys. 

Zinus Wood and Metal Coffee Table

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To cap off this list, we’ve chosen the coffee table that has the best rustic design. This Zinus wood and metal coffee table are classy and straightforward. It has two tiers of surface areas for an ample amount of storage, while effectively keeping clutter-free and functional. The metal leg frames especially amplify the industrial look of the pinewood grain. 

This is the Amazon’s Choice for Zinus coffee tables, with over 50+ ratings that have amounted to the astounding 4.6-star average. Zinus is a popular brand known to produce mattresses, desks, bed frames, and other home furniture. This particular coffee table is the one that is the most in-demand among all Zinus coffee tables. 

It has received 4.9 stars for sturdiness, 4.8 stars for easy assembly, 4.7 stars for packaging, and 4.6 stars for value for money. 

The exact dimensions of this coffee table are as follows: 47 inches in length, 23.5 inches in width, and 18 inches in height. It can easily be assembled in less than 10 minutes with the straightforward and easy to follow instructions found in the manual. 

The customers are at an agreement with their reviews: this is an elegant and stunning coffee table that is made to be durable and high quality for long-lasting usage. Moreover, customer service is incredibly approachable and helpful, as they efficiently cater to any requests or queries that the previous customers had. 

There have been some isolated complaints of substandard products. But as previously stated, the company customer service quickly takes care of any concerns, as long as the 1-year, the worry-free warranty covers it. 

Those were the 6 best rustic coffee tables that you can buy online. All coffee tables in this list are highly recommended and high quality, as evidenced by the landslide amount of ratings and positive feedback. 

What to keep in mind when buying a rustic coffee table

When it comes to buying a rustic coffee table, the focus should be on the sizing and scale of the coffee table, relative to your sofa. The design, on the other hand, isn’t technical, and you’re free to choose any rustic cocktail table that you prefer. 

Sizes and measurements to remember

You are buying a coffee table relative to your couch. Remember the three- rules of thumb. For one, the height of the coffee table should not be more than the height of your sofa cushion. Second, the length of the coffee table should not be more than two-thirds the length of your sofa. And lastly, a lot at least two feet of free space on either side of your coffee table. As a side note, there should be at least a foot and half of space between the sofa and the coffee table. 

By abiding these rules, you are assured a coffee table that is just the right size for your couch and living room. This will keep an ample amount of space for traffic flow. It will also help to maintain a clutter-free area. 

Consider the shape 

The standard trademarked shape of a coffee table is rectangular or squared. This is the case because sofas are usually rectangular. The safest shape choice is a rectangle. However, if your sofa is circular, consider buying a circular coffee table to match. A circular sofa is also perfect for entertaining a large number of guests during parties. 

Space and surface 

Coffee tables are now constructed differently. Some provided ample space for storage, while some opt for a more minimalistic, less-space route. You should consider your lifestyle and frequency of using coffee tables when deciding for this factor. 

Do you hang around the sofa often? Do you like to keep books, decor, or other items on top of coffee tables? In which case, a two-tiered, spacious coffee table is probably the best for you. 

Construction and durability 

Here’s a general rule of thumb for buying furniture and home items: buy something that lasts. For coffee tables, ensure that the wooden top won’t fade or wear down quickly. This is usually anchored with the quality of the wood and its finish.