5 Best Vintage Bathroom Sink Faucets You Can Buy Online

The sink faucet may look insignificant as compared to the bathroom, despite the size being relatively small. However, it’s one of the most eye-catching features of the bathroom and outshines even the larger shower head because of its placement. Showerheads are usually concealed while valves are out in the open.

When it comes to shopping for your bathroom sink faucets, you should always pick the best deal for a high-quality item. It is an investment, and you don’t want to be replacing the faucet when it becomes loseloose every few months. 

High-quality faucets are not only sleek in design and easy to clean, but they are also functional and efficient in serving their purpose. 

In this article, we’ll be introducing the 5 best bathroom sink faucets that perfectly fit your vintage-style home, with their complimentary vintage design and look.

How made our choices

Each item in this list is carefully chosen according to its quality and functionality—the two defining factors that determine the value of a faucet. 

We’ve chosen faucets that will perfectly fit your rustic home, with a wide variety. From simpler styles to more artistic motifs, this is a wide-range list to cater to your desires. 

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Best For Bathtub – Kingston Brass

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We had to include this bathtub faucet because of the stylish and sleek vintage glory. It is Amazon’s Choice for ”wall mount tub faucets” and is highly rated. It has about 300 ratings from previous customers that have resulted in its 4.2-star average rating.

The design is sleek and elegant. It is a perfect faucet for your farmhouse with its sturdy, industrial look. The design is relatively versatile and can easily complement your bathroom theme. 

It comes in 8 colors: antique brass, brushed brass, brushed nickel, matte black, oil rubbed bronze, polished brass, polished chrome, polished nickel. These are reasonably neutral vintage colors that can be matched with the color scheme of your home without difficulty. 

When it comes to high-quality faucets, construction is a significant factor. This Kingston Brass faucet is made with solid brass construction—one of the sturdiest and most reliable materials used for plumbing. This will inevitably not leak or corrode even if you are many years down the road. 

This faucet requires minimal maintenance and cleaning. For one, solid brass is extremely easy to maintain and will not stain even with hard water use. It doesn’t require rigorous cleaning regimes, but the pristine condition will still be retained. 

Its design does not compromise the functionality and efficiency of this faucet. Because the cross handles are stylish but still retain an easy-grip function and rotation. 

When it comes to clawfoot club wall-mounted faucets, Kingston Brass has a wide selection of different style varieties and features. They incorporate different handles, colors, and materials. But one thing’s for sure—the quality remains superior. 

The majority of the feedback is positive, saying: This is easy to install well-made clawfoot club wall-mounted faucet that looks great and works well! Customers are especially pleased with how it looks in their 19-century, vintage-style homes. 

There seems to be minor confusion regarding the mounting parts needed and the mounting process as a whole. We recommend doing your research and contacting Kingston Brass for an in-depth explanation of the wall mounting process. 

Best Minimal – BWE Single Waterfall

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If you want something more blocky and more minimalistic, this single handle deck mounted waterfall bathroom faucet from BWE is your best bet. It has over 1,400 ratings on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.2 stars. 

It is sleek and straightforward, perfect if you are going for a more minimalistic edged vintage theme. The design only has one lever and one hole, making control adjustments or flow and temperature easy and straightforward. 

It comes in 4 colors: oil-rubbed bronze brushed nickel, chrome, and gold. These are antique and vintage colors that will go well with your interior decor. Since the design is so blocky and straightforward, there is no doubt that it will blend in with your bathroom layout in mind. 

The solid brass construction ensures the durability and longevity of this product. When you buy this faucet, you will also be getting hot and cold hoses and the faucet accessories that you will need for the installation. 

This is a high-quality and efficient faucet, ensuring that the water flow and pressure are prioritized over the design and look. This also includes its hot and cold function. 

It has a waterfall flow, an elegant water pressure that is perfect for everyday bathroom tasks such as brushing your teeth, washing your hands, and facing your face. The design slope for the water spout makes it a classy and subdued flow of water in terms of noise and pressure. 

BWE is a brand under the company AquaFaucet and sold via Amazon. The brand has an extensive collection of faucets of different varieties, materials, and designs. The brand is well-known for producing reasonably-priced high-quality faucets. 

“This faucet is easy to install and looks stunning! The noise level and flow are not aggressive—it’s more subdued and elegant. It’s durable and easy to clean, and you will get your money’s worth!” this is the consolidated list of the reviews on Amazon for this product. 

Editors Choice – BWE Single Waterfall Curve

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For a more bold and over-the-top choice, this BWE waterfall bathroom faucet is here to save the day. The design is somewhat of a hybrid of a water pump and blocky, more modern looks. The lever is curved like the handles of an 18th-century water pump. The nozzle is long and wide, providing a unique silhouette that will undoubtedly give interest and character to your bathroom.

This particular BWE sink faucet is the Amazon’s Choice for “bronze sink faucets” and has been chosen by over 800 previous buyers who left an accumulative average rating of 4.5 stars. 

The oil-rubbed bronze color perfectly complements the antique design. An excellent decorative scheme is to coordinate your sink faucet, shower head, drain, cabinet handles, bathroom sink, and other metallics to be of the same oil-rubbed bronze finish. This color will look bomb against the natural wood grain. 

The design is smart and efficient, with the nozzle provides a gently cascading waterfall that is the perfect water pressure for bathroom necessities. The nose is wide so that the water spreads out more, providing an aesthetic waterfall presentation. 

The one-lever handle makes it so that water pressure and temperature adjustment are natural. It is smooth and easy to control. Additionally, the single-hole design is meant for minimalism without sacrificing functionality. 

Aside from being built to be smart and efficient, it’s also highly durable, ensuring a satisfactory experience for your money’s worth. The material that was used for this faucet is solid brass—it is incredibly reliable and long-lasting. 

The oil-rubbed bronze finish is non-porous, preventing stains and dirt from seeping in and destroying the faucet from the inside. This slick, non-porous coating is also easy to clean as it is good at holding off against grease and stains. 

The feedback from customers is widely positive, with most of them recommending this faucet for would-be buyers. It is a beautiful faucet that would fit rustic bathrooms and is a genuine deal for its price. 

On the other hand, however, are negative reviews that note their experience. For one, hard water seems to not work well for the coating of this faucet. With hard water usage, the finish will break down and destroy after a few months. This is observed more so with the tip of the nozzle as the design tends to hold water drops stagnant. 

Best Victorian Design – Double Handle Deck Mounted Bathroom Faucet

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This is the perfect sink faucet if you look for something more Victorian, with an 18th-century motif. More than 100 past customers have left reviews and ratings that made the 4.4-star average rating of this product. 

It borrows its design from 18th-century European bathrooms. The grooves and shape of the brass are reminiscent of Victorian-era stairs, candelabras, chandeliers, and overall steel handicraft. It will elevate the style of your bathroom with just this small installation.

There are 4 color options available: antique brass, brushed nickel, chrome polish, oil rubbed bronze, and polished gold. These color options are classic and stylish—a perfect match for your vintage home. Pair the color of your faucet with the minor decor in your bathroom (bathroom rug, shower faucet, drain, or anything made of steel or metal) for an overall, consistent look. 

It is built to last and sustain against the wear and tear of long-time use. It is made through refined brass construction and has an oil-rubbed bronze finish that prevents corrosion, tarnishing, and rusting. 

The set comes with a pop-up drain and a reliable cartridge valve. Installation can be done in three ways: wall-mounted, three holes, and two handles. 

This particular Victorian faucet has double handles, perfectly complementing the design. These double handles control the flow of hot and cold water. The tap is mixed, making it useful and convenient. 

Gotonovo is a brand that manufactures and sells tools and necessities needed for home improvement and renovation. These products range from shower faucets, showerheads, kitchen faucets, tub faucets, among others. The brand prides itself on having high standards and having the constant need to satisfy its customers. 

Previous buyers are satisfied with their purchase, and they encourage you to do the same. The product itself works great and looks great. 

However, the fair warning from the feedbacks is that the faucet set will not be enough to install it. You would have to buy the mounting parts separately to have a working faucet. 

Best Rustic – Pfister Ashfield Rustic Bronze

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When it comes to the faucet with the best vintage design, among all 5 faucets in this list, this is our choice. It somewhat resembles the water pumps that were first used by the Europeans during the Industrial Revolution. When added to your bathroom, the vintage design and distressed color will undoubtedly amplify the elegance and antiquity of your bathroom. To match the water pump style of the faucet is also a pump-styled handle. 

It’s highly recommended with a 4.4-star average rating from its 100 previous customers who have left positive reviews and high ratings for this faucet. 

The color is rusted bronze, which represents a distressed and already worn look. This will look perfect when matched with vanities and cabinets that have the same rusted and intentional distressing. 

It comes in other unique and worn variations: polished chrome, satin bronze, and Tuscan bronze. All variation options are equally elegant and rustic. 

This is a tall waterfall faucet that will deliver a gentle water flow without any noise or unwanted pressure. It is built to prevent any leakage through its advanced ceramic disc valve no-leak technology. 

The whole set comes with the following: single post-mount ring, the faucet, metal supply nuts, grid strainer drain assembly, and valve and cartridge. 

When it comes to care and maintenance, it is also minimal. Pfister only recommends using a soft damp cloth for washing and avoiding using hard cleaners such as polish, detergents, and solvent. 

The Pfister Ashfield bath line consists of a stylish, antique water pump style that exudes a beautiful countryside charm. These water pump faucets have two main features; the Forever No-leakage seal and the waterfall spout. Pfister also has pull-down kitchen faucets made available with faucets that have side sprays and soap dispensers. 

The good news is that Pfister Ashfield has a wide range of bath essentials that are equally as unique and antique as this faucet. 

This is a charming and stunning faucet. The workmanship, quality, and durability are also satisfactory, and you will find that to be your experience with extended tome use. 

Previous customers have complaints about incomplete parts and terrible shipping conditions, however. That’s why we recommend first checking the validity of the seller that you are buying it from. 

Those were the 5 best vintage bathroom sink faucets you can buy for your rustic, vintage home. Whether it’s simple, blocky, more artistic, more antique, water pump-inspired, and so forth, you’ll surely fall in love with a faucet in this list that perfectly fits your dream vintage bathroom. 

What to keep in mind when shopping for your vintage bathroom faucet

Before you start adding items to your shopping cart, it’s essential to first know about the technicalities that you should keep in mind. This way, you can choose a faucet based on limitations that are out of your control. 

  • Consider your sink 

Do you already have a sink to be used with your faucet? Or are you buying, together with your faucet? 

There is no trick here; you only have to buy a faucet that matches your sink. 

First, take a look at the number of holes in your faucet that are needed for mounting. Make sure that the same amount of holes applies to your faucet. 

Also, consider the placement of your faucet. If you are planning to put your sink on the off-side, make necessary measurements to ensure that the sink basin is large enough to contain the spout of the water. 

  • Know your water quality 

For one, while advertisements and companies may claim that your faucet is durable and long-lasting, that might not be the case with hard water usage. 

“Hard water” is water that has more mineral content than usual. The minerals within the water may interact and break down with the material that your faucet is made of. 

Be sure to buy a faucet that can withstand the water quality that comes out of your taps. Generally, it’s much safer to rely on solid faucets that do not have an outer coating. Stick to stainless steel or solid brass. 

  • Check on different spout styles and shapes. 

When it comes to faucets, especially vintage-style ones, there is always a wide range of designs. 

The most common is a “waterfall spout for bathroom sink faucets,” which deposits a gentle trickling of water sufficient for bathroom necessities. 

You should be careful when it comes to spouts is the height from which the spout is mounted and its length. This will allow you to determine a wide enough radius for your sink. 

A good rule of thumb to remember: the spout of your faucet should be able to reach the far corners/circumference of your sink.