Best Industrial Chandeliers To Buy For Your Living Room

The perfect way to enhance the ambiance of a room is through its lighting. It completely changes a room look and feel. Dark lighting generally dampens the mood, while bright lighting can amplify the energy of the room. However, there is more to lighting a room than bright and dark options. Chandeliers add a lot of creativity and aesthetic to your home.

Traditionally, in the Industrial Age, chandeliers were only used for dining rooms or large hallways. They were multi-tiered, with multiple candles lit up rather than bulbs. These ceiling lamps are a great way to add a snug and welcoming atmosphere to a room, while at the same time, serving as a centerpiece of decor and charm. 

The industrial era has long come and gone, but industrial chandeliers are still very much present in our times. With the advancement of technology, industrial ceiling pendants are now more convenient and useful than ever. 

We compiled the peak and best industrial lighting chandeliers that you can buy for your living room. These are 10 of the most recommended and highly-sought-after chandeliers that you can buy online. 

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How we picked

We carefully put the list together–keeping in mind the quality and construction, and aesthetic value. There was a substantial amount of research to answer questions like:

  • Is this brand trusted? 
  • Is this a quality product? 

These were the questions mainly focused on in our research process to arrive at an easily digestible list for you. Industrial chandeliers can be modern, contemporary, and elegant at the same time. We recognized the existence of these subcategories in the industrial-style ceiling pendants. So, separated them and chose the best item for each subcategory. 

Expect these ceiling lights to be high-quality, charming, and functional. 

Tremont Rust Cage Pendant Chandelier

A classic industrial chandelier that features a 6-inch rustic tan burlap canopy shade, enclosing a smaller cage that houses the three light bulb fixtures. It is 20 inches in diameter, with a pendant chain that is 6-feet in length. It also includes a 10-feet wire. The overall finish is a rustic metal that perfectly complements the tan burlap fabric of the shade. 

It already includes three, 4-watt LED Edison Bulbs, that are designed to work well with this ceiling fixture. If you are planning to decorate a sloped ceiling, this ceiling pendant is perfect as it can adapt to any incline. 

Manufactured and sold by Franklin Iron Works, this pendant ceiling crown is forged from iron. This ensures quality and durability. Franklin Iron Works is a well-known brand that takes inspiration from the golden Industrial Age, bringing to life hand-crafted iron artistry in this modern era. 

Its quality and value are evidenced by the absolute, all-perfect 5-star average rating from 50 satisfied past customers. There is absolutely nothing to say about this chandelier, except that it is beautiful, high-quality, and ultra-functional.  

Canarm Sumerside 5 Light Chandelier

Suppose you want something exciting and eye-catchy, this chandelier that resembles an atom. Interestingly, it was also during the industrial period when atomic theory was formed. It features a rustic, oil-rubbed bronze finish, and metal loops arranged to form an atom. 

Five lightbulb holders are supposed to look like a candle. These lightbulb holders are supposed to go with vintage filament light bulbs–which are the flame to the candles. It is made of high-quality steel copper wire, and will undoubtedly withstand any weathering. 

Canarm is a brand that manufactures a wide variety of high-quality and beautifully designed lighting equipment. From vanities, wall lightings, pendants, lamps, track lighting–any lighting your home needs, Canarm most probably has it. 

This particular ceiling pendant has 300+ customers (that left a review), who were all very satisfied. It has a 4.4-star rating, and the feedback reveals positive experiences with their purchase. It looks beautiful, it is easy to put together, and it’s a steal for the affordable price. 

SHIWEIDA Industrial Edison 8 Lights Ceiling Lamp

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The perfect combination of an industrial and modern chandelier doesn’t exist–oh wait–it does! This ceiling lamp from SHIWEIDA promotes eight twisting lamp arms that branch around randomly. At the end of each arm is an Edison light bulb horizontally placed for exterior lighting. The product resembles a circuit board with the branching arms, in my opinion, and I love it. 

The high-quality iron is featherweight enough to attach to your ceiling safely. The recommended bulbs to use are LED E26 bulbs, which aren’t included. If you are worried that this won’t be enough to light your room, the horizontal placement of the lightbulbs are handy in providing ample light. 

A lot of past customers are surprised with how well this ceiling lamp looked in person, despite the affordable price. Some customers left suggestions and recommendations to use smart or colored light bulbs with this chandelier for an even cooler light explosion. There seem to be some minor problems with the installation process as the wiring of this lamp can get confusing. Remember, you can always contact a professional to install it for you.

Anmytek Round Wooden Metal Ceiling Pendant

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Bring authentic industrial flavor into your home through this cage-style ceiling pendant from Anmytek. The frame is round and made of metal with a wooden cage encasing the three light sources. The wood is rustic and barn-type, with a latticed metal design in the middle. It also has a chain and cord that has the same rustic vibe. 

The best thing about this pendant ceiling crown is that the cord and chain are adjustable. Therefore, it can fit into any ceiling that has any height. The maximum length of it is 59-inches, which is pretty generous for most spaces nowadays. It also adapts to sloped ceilings and junction boxes. 

If you’re looking for similar lighting equipment as this wooden metal ceiling lamp, Anmytek is worth checking out. They offer a wide variety of lighting needs that sport the same industrial feel. These would work well in barn-style homes. 

A breeze to install, however a handful of past buyers found the brightness to be a particular problem. If you face anything similar, we suggest using dimmer bulbs.

Wellmet Farmhouse Adjustable 5-Lights Lighting Fixture

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Chandeliers are usually round or circular. But some living rooms do not necessarily need a circular style. If you want a horizontal, linear lighting fixture for your home, this is our recommendation. It features 5 bulbs enclosed in mason jar-like shades. The wires are attached to a rectangular base. 

One significant aspect of this straight lighting fixture is that the height of the glass-enclosed bulbs is adjustable. So, you can personalize the length of each to create a pattern that works well for your home. The straight-shape is also flexible for ceilings that have an angled incline. 

Wellmet is a company that manufactures all kinds of pendant lights. Most of their products are well-received by the customers, and there are a lot of people who trust this brand. 

The 4.7-star average rating epitomizes the satisfaction of past customers. 

BONLICHT Vintage Indoor Ceiling Lighting

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We crowned this chandelier the best authentic industrial design, because of the minimal curves and straightforward construction. This BONLICHT ceiling light perfectly captures a sophisticated. It features a circular bottom to hold the bulbs and three arms that extend to the ceiling base. The circumference of the circular bottom has six lights equidistant to the center. In the Industrial Age, these bulbs would have been candles. 

While it may look simple and minimal, it will add a striking difference to your room, when compared to a traditional chandelier. Because the lights can be upright, facing the ceiling, or horizontal, facing the wall, instead of directly facing the flooring. 

BONLICHT has a vast collection of lighting features, but they are especially popular for producing lights that do not follow the common orientation. Aside from horizontal lights, they also offer slanting bulbs of different angles. 

It has an impressive average rating of 4.8 stars from over 100+ customers. 

VINLUZ Sputnik 12-Lights Chandelier 

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For an industrial and contemporary feel, unique ceiling light with a new shape is the way to go. This VINLUZ Sputnik light pendant is our special pick for this. The unique shape is cool-looking, somewhat resembling a virus or an explosion of lights. 

With 12 light holders facing outward, varying in angle and incline. You have a lot of options to get the lighting perfect. 

VINLUZ produces similar-looking chandeliers to this Sputnik one. They incorporate modern motifs with an industrial and aged feel for unique and attractive lighting pieces. 

Over 100+ customers are satisfied, with an average rating of 4.4 stars. Customers find a satisfying experience upon purchase: it looks good, it’s charming, it gets a lot of compliments, and the price is equally as attractive. Some customers run into some minor trouble when installing, however. We suggest researching extensively on how you can install this product correctly, to avoid any problems. 

BONLICHT Industrial Cage-Style Hanging Lights

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BONLICHT’s cage-style hanging lights feature simplicity with 4 candle-style bulbs inside a boxed cage, with a decorative top. This is peak industrial design with the oil-rubbed bronze-finished iron frame and candle holders. 

The two cool qualities of this boxed hanging lights are the height is adjustable and the swiveling base. This makes the chandelier flexible for any ceiling incline or height. The adjustable height, four, 10-inch rods are included with your purchase. You can then use these rods to hang the lights from whatever height your desire. 

Assembly will also be pretty easy for you, especially if you are quite handy. While it is recommended by the company to have this ceiling pendant installed by a licensed professional, many customers have installed it themselves and found no problem. 

The average rating for this chandelier is 4.4 stars, from over 20+ previous customers. They adored this little ceiling piece and found no trouble from the installation to usage. Expect to have the same experience. 

Goat Box-Style 6-Lights Farmhouse Chandelier

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To add to our linear, straight-line shaped chandeliers in this list, is this box-style hanging light fixture from The Yodelling Goat. The style is a cross between elegant and industrial, with the five filament light bulbs caged inside a box with a criss-cross design. 

The box and the hanging rods are heavy-duty black iron. The bulbs are perched to a real wood base that promotes the natural texture of real wood, adding to the rustic and industrial feel. Additionally, the rods can be shortened if you wish to hang it higher. 

The Yodelling Goat specializes in vintage and industrial-style lighting equipment. The company prides itself on producing high-quality lighting pieces that are carefully quality-controlled and monitored. This young team of designers wants nothing but to deliver the utmost satisfaction to their customers. 

When it comes to the performance of this product, the 4.6-star average tells a lot. However, one common complaint from previous customers is that it doesn’t come with instructions. Our suggestion is to have an electrician install it for you, to avoid any safety hazards that may arise from faulty installation.

Alice House Latticed 5-Light Chandelier 

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To cap off this light, we’re adding another linear, cage-style chandelier—this time, from Alice House. The outer metal frame is durable, with a dark brown finish that looks stunning from a distance. The lights themselves are engaged within an inner shell, filled with latticed wood. 

The rods are adjustable, and you can achieve a maximum length of 42 inches from the two, 6-inch rods, and six, 12-inch rods. It is advertised by the company that you can hang this on sloped ceilings. 

Alice House is a professional lighting company that will cater to the lighting needs of any home. They produce elegant and high-quality equipment. There is also a smaller, box-typed version of this horizontal chandelier if you want to match the lights in your home. 

Amazon’s Choice for “rustic dining room light fixtures”, and has over 100+ ratings that accumulated to its staggering 4.7-star average. The majority of the previous customers are happy with their purchase, with beautiful design, easy installation, and excellent customer service. 

While some customers have run into some trouble before, with mismatched rods or missing parts, the customer service of the company was beneficial to oblige and comply. 

Choose carefully from these chandeliers, as the lighting can make or break your living room. Keep in mind the points we discussed to remember, on top of your preferences and budget. We tried to cover different styles, to accommodate the different styles and decors that you want for your home. 

What to consider when buying an industrial chandelier

Lighting is crucial for the living room. It will set the tone and the atmosphere, and provide the light that is necessary to navigate around the space. A chandelier is generally a primary light source and centerpiece of any room. With that in mind, here are some points to remember when browsing catalogs and listings for the ceiling lamp of your dreams. 

  • What light does the room need?

Is your living room dark? Are there windows in your living room? Is there natural light filtering inside of it? What are your other light sources? Is there a door nearby? You want to supplement the light that your room is lacking. If it’s dark, you might want to consider something bright to provide enough light to the room. If there are other light sources at night, you might consider getting dimmer bulbs. 

The goal here is to provide the light that the room needs. Not only in terms of brightness but ambiance as well. You may choose ceiling pendants that have an amber-colored glass or a colored shade. This will help you achieve a different and warming effect. 

  • How wide is your living room?

The size of your chandelier should be proportionate to the size of your living room. If your living room is small, do not buy something so big that the size and brightness impede the vision and navigation of the visitors. There is no better way to check this but to estimate. If you see the ceiling centerpiece and immediately know that it’s too big for your living room–it probably is. 

You want to use space when you have it but conserve when you don’t. Also, a grand lighting piece in a rather small room wouldn’t look too charming, either. 

  • How high is your ceiling?

High-ceiling rooms work well with low-hanging chandeliers and vice versa. Because there is so much room above, you can make use of it for your lighting piece. However, when you have a low-hanging room and a low-hanging ceiling pendant, you are essentially making the room smaller and more cluttered. Not to mention the fact that this may cause damage and impose hazard as the ceiling is hanging from a height that is easily disturbed. 

Here’s a tip for determining the height of your ceiling, to your chandelier. It should be high enough that when you install the pendant ceiling crown, there is still ample space to not touch it even with your arms extended upwards.