Best Industrial Lamps That You Can Buy Online

Lamps are one of those home improvement items bought once the slow realization that the room needs one finally kicks in. Often cast aside–shoved in the corner walls or a barely used table. In reality, lamps shouldn’t be a nuisance, but instead, their functionality and aesthetic value should be taken advantage of to improve a room’s purpose and ambiance. 

With the technology that escalated throughout the years, lamps are now in different non-traditional shapes and sizes, with high-tech smart features. We have touch-sensor lamps, pull-chain lamps, button switch lamps, and so much more. With all these different lamps that apply different techs, which one is the best for your home?

We’re looking at the best of the best industrial lamps on this particular list. We’ll also include a discussion on the characteristics that you should be looking for when making your pick. This list will answer your questions: what makes a good lamp and what are the best ones in the market?

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How we made our choices

This is a compiled list of the 6 best industrial lamps that you can buy from the comfort of your own home. The industrial design is a significant factor in our picks. We tried to find unique and different variations and interpretations of the “industrial” theme. Aside from the aesthetic value, we also heavily considered quality. 

We did this by looking into the ratings, feedback, and recommendations of each lamp across different platforms. All of these are ensured to be high-quality, from well-known brands that are well-loved and well-trusted. 

Marcel Modern Industrial Table Lamp

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If you’re looking for something classy but cozy at the same time, this modern industrial table lamp from Marcel is our particular recommendation. It comes in sets of twos and is perfect as a bedside night lamp. The design is modern and straightforward, and will easily match whatever home interior aesthetic you already have going on. The base is brushed black, which is sleek and direct, while the linen shades are light, perfectly scattering the illumination of the top bulb.

In terms of functionality, it is useful. It’s not just a table lamp, but so much more. There are two bulbs for each. The top is a standard 100-watt standard-medium bulb, bright enough for a complimentary glow. The button bulb is for a night light and is a 4-watt LED Edison filament. You can separately control these bulbs through the 4-way rotary switch that it has. The lamps are also equipped with a USB port that you can use for charging your phone by the nightstands. 

If those don’t impress you as of yet, then, the reviews and ratings definitely will. It has a 4.8-star average from over 350+ ratings of previous customers. This is clear evidence that it is absolutely a satisfactory product, that is both useful and beautiful for a low price. Here are some reviews from the previous customers: it came in exactly as it was advertised, and is extremely beautiful, especially for a country-style cottage home. 

The two-bulb design and USB port inclusion is primarily a smart feature that is unique for this particular table lamp. It helps to save space and minimize clutter on top of your bedside table. 

The company that manufactures and sells this lamp is 360 Lighting, which is a brand that promotes high-quality, modern-style, and designer lamps of a wide range and variety. There are table lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps, and a vast collection of other unique lamps on their own. This particular one is our special favorite, however. 

Wyatt II Farmhouse Arc Floor Lamp

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When it comes to the lamp that has the best simple, industrial design, this chic but subtle floor lamp from Franklin Iron Works is our choice. The frame and the shade are of sleek dark bronze metal, and the design is also subtle and straightforward. It will serve as a perfect accent piece for a room in need of cohesion. 

In terms of functionality as a floor lamp, this also excels in that regard. It is 66 inches in height, which is perfect for illuminating chairs that are used for reading or school/office work. The bulb to be used is a 150-watt medium standard, which provides the ideal amount of brightness for eye-intensive activities. The on and off switch is located at the base, which can conveniently be stepped on. 

This is pretty sturdy and durable, considering that the whole lamp (from the base, frame, and nightshade) is constructed using metal. The design and construction are 100% reminiscent of the industrial age. 

Franklin Iron Works, the company that produces this floor lamp, prides itself on forging the best iron-made products, from lamps, chandeliers, and lights. These iron-forged items all incorporate different styles from different periods, whether it be from the industrial period to the transitional and modern ones. 

With a monumental, almost perfect 4.9-star average rating, previous customers are especially impressed. While it is utilitarian and charming, it is also designed to be efficient and safe. Despite the metal nightshade, ti wouldn’t get hot from the LED-recommended bulbs. 

It also gives off great light that is perfect for reading (what it is made for). The light isn’t scattered, too dim or too bright, and stands at the ideal height. The heavy-duty construction will also ensure that this lamp will be a worthwhile investment. The base is substantial, which will ensure that it will not topple over or cause any accidents. 

Lock Arbor Industrial Table Lamp

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This lamp is gorgeous. It is the perfect mix of being in industrial but stylish at the same time. It features a canopy-style sheer shade that holds and diffuses the three light bulbs inside. This sheer detail is especially a flair that adds an element of interest and surprise to a room. 

The great thing about this particular table lamp that is not found in others is that it already includes the recommended bulbs with the lamp itself. It has the 3 vintage-style, Edison light bulbs that are 60-watt standard-medium. The on and off mechanism are three pull chains. 

This Lock Arbor table lamp is made by the same company that produced the Wyatt II floor lamp as above. It is made from heavy-duty forged iron metal construction, and the finish is of a hand-painted rust bronze, which perfectly complements its overall industrial appearance. It would look immaculate in a vintage-style room, but will still look good in any kind of home. 

The finish is not smooth rust or brown tone, but more so resembles the texture in an orange peel. This also adds to the vintage touch of the lamp. The 3-pull system turns the lights on or off independently from each other, allowing control of the brightness.

The average rating is 4.6 stars, and a quick scroll of the reviews section will tell you to have reasonable expectations. And expect those expectations to be met. Previous buyers not only find this to be pretty but also a sturdy and smart purchase. It also assembles easily, exactly as the instructions discuss. The reviews highly recommend this Franklin Iron Works lamp to potential buyers. 

Murphy Rustic Industrial Table Lamp with Lantern Base

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This table lamp from Franklin Iron Works takes home the trophy as the best and most unique-looking industrial table lamp. What could beat the miner lamp base that this lamp has? It corporates a weathered and rustic lamp on its base, complete with the glass fire container. While it isn’t functional, it incorporates the past and present forms of lighting–a lantern and a lamp. It correctly serves its purpose as an aesthetic eye-catcher. 

The on and off switch is located at the base, and it has a standard Franklin Iron Works oatmeal shade. If you look closely, the finish of this lamp is not smooth at all. But instead, it is an aged brushed bronze finish. Almost as if it’s a lantern that’s been scratched from the many years of use. The glass container is clear and high-durability. 

Previous customers adore this table lamp. It is useful as a centerpiece in a room that will certainly attract a lot of attention. Moreover, it is a guarantee that you will receive a lot of compliments from this lamp. It is iron-forged and sturdy, which speaks of its quality and construction. The price that you will pay for is certainly worth it. 

It has a 4.8-star rating from over 100+ customers. This speaks of the satisfaction that you will receive with this purchase. It is rated 5 stars for packaging, 4.8 stars for easy assembly, 4.6 stars for value for money and thickness, and 4.5 stars for sturdiness.

However, some complaints are that the shade doesn’t go well with the lamp. If you find this the case for you, you can replace the shade.

Libby Modern Industrial Console Table Lamp

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This console table lamp from Franklin Iron Works does not only fit the industrial aesthetic but could also be the modern equivalent of your dream medieval castle’s lighting equipment. While in the past, candles inside open-top glass torches were utilized, this modern equivalent makes use of light bulbs inside an open-top glass container that is a translucent amber-seed speckled texture. 

One unit of this Libby modern table lamp has a round base that is 8.25 inches wide. It holds three lamp arms of varying heights, producing a classy but organic look. It already includes the 3 recommended 4-watt LED Edison Amber bulbs. You get the same brightness as a 60-watt incandescent bulb, without the hazard that might arise from heat and glass. It has an on and off cord switch. 

The design is classy and eye-catching at the same time. And it will look particular better when paired with similar amber and light tones in a room. You can buy complementary dimmer lamp plugs if you wish to dim the brightness that the amber bulbs give. It’s simple and easy, as you only need to plug it into the lamp’s cord, and a socket. 

This is perfect to set the mood in a particular room. It can be used as a side lamp for a romantic night in the bedroom, or for a romantic dinner. It will undoubtedly guarantee a lot of compliments from visitors. Aside from looking great and working great, these industrial glass lamps are also sturdy and durable. They are solidly made and iron-forged, just how it was during the industrial/medieval period. 

It has a 4.6-star average rating from 100+ past customers. The compliments, praises, and recommendations are non-stop. However, one advice of previous buyers is to buy a dimmer for this lamp, because otherwise, it will be too bright. 

It is a lamp from Franklin Iron Works but is sold by Universal Lighting Decor on Amazon. 

Seaside Village Industrial Table Lamp with USB Charging Port 

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This is our very own pick for the most uncomplicated lamp design in this list. While it is simple, it does not pale in comparison to the other industrial lamps in this list. The highlight of this table lamp is that the frame is made from high-quality iron that is forged to look like water pipes. It has a solid wood base and looks smart, clean, and sophisticated. 

It also comes with a USB port that is pretty useful for phone charging and keeping away additional clutter that may arise from phone chargers. It doesn’t have a shade, but if you’re worried about it being too bright, there are 3 brightness settings. The dimmable buttons are located in the base, as touch buttons that can adjust the brightness levels with just a single tap. 

It already comes with an individual bulb that is already retro-tinted. This is the main feature that made this table lamp more straightforward and more economical. The bulbs themselves were tinted, acting as a shade or a dimmer. It’s gentle to the eyes as a 6-watt LED bulb. 

There are over 270 ratings that have accumulated to its 4.7-star average. Here are some frequent feedbacks: The lamp gives off light in all directions, and looks sophisticated and straightforward. It easily blends into any existing design or theme, especially for industrial and steampunk rooms. 

The two USB ports are pretty useful for multiple devices, but some users find that it charges slower than regular sockets. But it doesn’t charge slow enough that it takes agonizingly long hours. It can reach full battery after a few hours, just a little bit longer than regular.

The dimmer settings are also pretty useful to accommodate the different brightness coming from other sources in a room. 

Lamps are meant to be functional, providing the needed light in a room, without sacrificing the aesthetic value of your home. In which case, we’ve compiled the 6 best industrial lamps that would look perfect in your rustic, steampunk homes. These are all available online through Amazon and will be delivered right at your doorstep. We included different styles, features, and designs to make sure that we are catering to your needs and preferences. 

What to keep in mind when buying an industrial lamp

Before you look for a lamp that is complementary to your industrial designed home, it is best first to ask yourselves the following questions. These questions will guide you towards choosing the best lamp for your home, ensuring that your money is well-spent. 

  • Where will you place it?

This one’s an important question that should be asked even before you start shopping or browsing through online catalogs and listings. Where will you need the industrial lamp for? Will it is at a corner, will it be used for a table? Which area are you planning to light? What would be its purpose? Do you have a table to perch it on? Or are you planning for a floor lamp?

This will determine the kind of lamp that you will be buying. You can get an indication of the height of the lamp, and the direction the light should be pointed. 

  • Is it sturdy?

You want a lamp that has a solid base. The base should be substantial enough to support the frame and the body of your lamp. This is to ensure that it will not topple over with the smallest of movements, as well as to remove any hazard in your supposedly safe home. 

It’s best to choose a lamp that is heavy and made of durable materials, instead of one that is flimsy and lightweight. After all, the lamps are supposed to keep still in one place, instead of being moved around.

  • Is the design useful?

Be careful in choosing lamps based on outer appearances. They could be interesting, with distinctive patterns for the shade, or uniquely-contorted frames. While these designs could undoubtedly add an element of surprise to your home, it is best to consider if the design affects the function. Will the shade design be useless as a shade? Is the frame economical? Are the features of the lamp useful?