Best Industrial Shelves For Any Home

A great way to keep your home organized and arranged is to make use of shelves. Nowadays, shelves house multiple items of different shapes and sizes. This is an excellent way to keep clutter off the ground and other surfaces, but instead, showcase them on display. Shelves have come a long way from the single-levelled and straightforward design that was popular during the Industrial Age. 

Shelves come in a multitude of exciting and creative shapes and sizes. Some hold TV sets, books, small decors, or decorations. Others are multi-tiered, while others are single-layered. You can even get shelves shaped like a honeycomb, or matching boxed. Nonetheless, by having shelves built into your walls, you are maximizing the storage space that you have. 

In this particular article, we’ll be looking at the best shelves that you should have for your industrial home. These won’t just be functional, but they’ll also be charming and practical. You don’t have to worry about quality, either because we’ve already filtered out the best industrial shelves for you. 

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How we chose each industrial shelf 

Practicality, efficiency, and design–those are the three main aspects that we looked for in choosing our final lineup for this list. All shelves conform to the industrial theme aesthetic but are not built in such a way that they are impractical and wasteful. Space-efficiency and smart design are two main characteristics that we take into account when doing a review. 

Additionally, the standard with our recommended items, we look at the quality and manufacturing of each product. 

  • Is it high-quality? 
  • Is it reasonable for its price? 
  • Is the company well-trusted?

Best Overall – Industrial Rustic Shelving Units

Check the current price on Amazon – $$

Our top pick for the Best Industrial Design, for a good reason, the overall look of these shelving units perfectly matches the industrial theme. The exciting arrangement of the shelves is a bonus.

The frame is made of iron pipes, painted black, with a silver dry-brushed finish. These pipes add the perfect industrial and steampunk flair without being too flashy. Additionally, upon a closer look, the silver highlights add another extra dimension to the shelves. The storage surfaces are wood, thoroughly tying together the whole design. 

There is also a decorative pressure valve, painted in shocking red, to sell the “pipe” design entirely. It’s also available with white shelves. 

As Amazon’s Choice for “industrial home decor,” these shelves have a 4.2-star average rating from over 200 past customers. Most of the buyers are extremely satisfied with their purchase, as they find these shelves to be practical and useful. 

It’s very sturdy, solid hardwood and real iron pipes. Moreover, it provides an ample amount of space. Each shelf is 21-inches deep, which is enough for storing books and other more significant items that need organizing. 

WGX Design For You is a company that produces similar-themed shelves, desks, and cabinets. They excel well with their vintage and industrial collections. 

Great for Corners – FURINNO Decorative Shelf with Bin

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We’ve specifically chosen a shelf that has a bin because bins are pretty useful in terms of storage. The storage space is ample, and bins can tuck unsightly items away from plain sight. For the best shelves with a bin that fits into an industrial home, this FURINNO decorative shelf is our top recommendation. 

It’s not just our choice, it’s Amazon’s best selling item for “tall storage shelves,” with an average rating of 4.5 stars. This average rating came from the vast number (over 2000!) of past customers who are absolutely in love with their shelves. 

It’s available in 10 colors: Americano/Black, Beach/White, Black/Black Bin, Black/Grey, Cream Faux Marble/White, Espresso/Black, French Oak Grey/Black, Light Cherry/Black, Version 2020, and Walnut/Brown. Only the Black/Black Bin color comes with a bin, however. The rest is just shelving units. 

The corner tubes are made of PVC tubes, while the shelves are composite particle wood. These are incredibly sturdy, aside from being easy to assemble. Additionally, the cube shape works well with corners. 

FURINNO, which is a curtail of “furniture innovation,” is a furniture company that caters to American customers. It produces innovative furniture designs that are modern, contemporary, stylish, and ready to assemble. They’re products embody the peak of high-quality innovation and space efficiency. 

This particular corner piece, 5-tier furniture, with a bin, is much loved and appreciated by customers. There are no complaints about this product whatsoever. A standard recommendation is to buy complementary bins or storage cubes for extra shelving. 

Best Industrial-Chic -Retro Shelf Utility Brackets

Check the current price on Amazon – $

A recommended way to maximize your space is to use your walls or ceilings as storage spaces. These utility case frames from FOF are an ultimate space-saver as they mount to the wall or the ceiling. The style is very industrial-chic, with the black iron pipes. 

These are durable and come in different sizes. You can also contact the company for customized-sized brackets. However, the main downside is that the planks aren’t included. You will have to procure the planks separately. Yet, the beneficial aspect is you can freely choose any wood (or any material, for that matter) as planks. You can also personalize them by painting or decorating them however you wish. 

These work perfectly well for most past buyers. In fact, they don’t find it troublesome to procure the planks separately. Some customers hang them on the ceiling of their kitchens, while others use them as bookcases. Since it is only the brackets that are sold, the arrangement and installation are free-choice. 

With a 4.6-star average rating, from 200+ past customers, these shelf brackets work like a charm, aside from looking great. FOF also has other variations of these shelf brackets that are for larger spaces, with different designs. 

Yuanshikj Retro Wall-Mounted Bookshelf

Check the current price on Amazon – $$

Another versatile bracket, we have chosen these Yuanshikj storage frames. With a 4.5-star average rating, from over 250+ past customers, these frames are high-quality, practical, and useful. 

You have three different options: 2 pieces 3-tier pipe shelf, 2 pieces 4-tier pipe shelf, or 2-tier pipe shelf. These also do not include the planks. They are only selling the storage frames. Like the previous FOF shelf brackets, these are also applicable to walls and the ceiling. However, what makes it different is that the brackets can be spaced apart according to the length of your planks—allowing you to maximize the space that you have available fully. 

You also have more options and choices for these storage frames, as three variations have three different numbers of tiers. The company prides itself on extensive quality control that leads to the production of well-made products. 

The same company also produces different-styled storage frames that have different purposes. There are bathroom-specific designs that have hooks and slots for toilet paper and towels. There are also bigger frames that are meant for bookcases, as well as uniquely-shaped shelves. 

It does require precise measurements so that the screws are all lined up for installation. If you’re not pretty handy, you might find this quite challenging to assemble. However, the instructions are straightforward and easy to follow, so you should be good to go. Previous customers so far have not run into any trouble with assembly and are now enjoying the beauty of their storage frames. 

Wall-Mounted Floating Wood Shelves

Check the current price on Amazon – $$

These shelving units from WGX Design For You are our special pick for floating wood shelves. They are called “floating” because there is no frame or visible bracket that holds them together. Instead, the hardware that attaches them to the walls is hidden by the wood planks. 

They are quite narrow and short in length, so they are perfect for areas with limited spaces. Recommended for kitchens and bathrooms, because of the lowest hardware that is useful for kitchen or bathroom towels. 

The height and the spacing of the shelves are all customizable, depending on how much space you need. The wooden planks are 19.7 inches long, 8.7 inches wide, and 1.2 inches thick. The pipe for the towel rack is an inch thick and is perfect for small-sized towels. 

You get a whole set of wood shelves, pipes, and wall anchors, including the towel rack at a very reasonable price. It’s produced by the same company that created the first industrial shelf on this list, which was our choice for the best industrial design shelf. 

As the Amazon’s Choice for “industrial pipe shelving bathroom,” it has a 4.5-star average, from over 200+ satisfied past customers. The reviews section reveals that the customers absolutely adore their wood shelves, as they look exactly as how they are advertised, and they worked perfectly for them. Moreover, the assembly process is a breeze. 

IRONCK Double-Wide 5-Tier Open Industrial Bookcase

Check the current price on Amazon – $$$

A double-wide design with five horizontal levels is a practical and space-inclusive option. Best suited for bedrooms or the living room, where storage space is needed for displaying and organizing a lot of essential items. 

The best thing about this bookcase is that it is highly efficient in space. The shelves are 12.9 inches apart, and each has a carrying capacity of over 130 pounds. This makes it possible to store whatever you need to be organized within these shelves. The whole bookcase is 53.2 inches long, 13 inches wide, and 70 inches tall. 

Another plus is the simplicity and strikingly of the design. It features wood planks on a black iron frame, with supporting X-shaped metal bars across the back. These are all ensured to be durable and reliable, as the frames are made of thick steel, and the wood planks are from P2 grade MDF board. 

It comes with two anti-toppling metal brackets, to make sure that it will stand upright, and also six foot pads to protect the floor from any scraping. 

IRONCK is a furniture company made for an industrial-style home. It includes contemporary motifs to amplify the uniqueness of their designs, with a wide range of furniture, desks, tables, shelves, cabinets, nightstands, and so much more. 

4.8-star average rating from 100+ customers, this bookcase is excellent in quality and impressive for its price. Some customers have found minor difficulties with the assembly process, but it is worth going through as a result is beautiful, practical, and useful. 

Tianman Wall-Mounted Bookcase

Check the current price on Amazon – $$$

If you want something modest and decorative, this small-sized wall-mounted bookcase from Tianman is definitely for you. It features planks and alternating wall anchors. This creates a unique shape, that’s almost like a lateral spiral ladder across your wall. 

The solid wood planks are heavy-duty, for items that are quite substantial in weight. The supporting iron pipes are high-temperature painted, and won’t rust easily. The shelves are 20 inches wide, 10 inches deep, and 58 inches tall. There are 4-tiers and 5 alternating supportive metal planks.

Because of the small size, it’s perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, or hallways, where organization and decor are much needed. Additionally, the materials required to install and hang this bookcase are included.

It has a perfect, 5 out of 5-star rating, reflecting the high-quality production of this product that works well with the efficient but stylish design. You will find the modest size and interesting motif to work well in adding spice to your home. 

Tianman produces other similar shelves, as well as home-organizational products. They have different styles of shelving units, from large to small ones, as well as baskets and racks that serve as structured assemblies. 

Those were the 7 best industrial shelves that you should buy right now, to keep your home organized, stylish, and space-efficient. These are all high-quality products that are well-loved and well-received by past buyers, to ensure that you are getting the most out of your hard-earned money. Keep in mind the points that we discussed when shopping for your industrial shelves. 

What to keep in mind when buying industrial shelves

Shelves and shelving units aren’t just organizational furniture that is important for your homes. Since most shelves house heavy items and are usually hanging from a height, there are a couple of considerations that should be made before you decide on a unit to purchase. In this section, we discussed the questions to ask yourself when shopping for a shelf.  

  • How much storage space do you need?

This is a pretty standard question that should be asked before you start browsing for anything. You have to have a rough estimate of the storage space that you need, as this will determine the size and available space of your shelving units. Generally, you would want to look in a room and look at the things that are just lying around. 

This will also determine the weight capacity of your shelves and planks. This should be taken into additional consideration, especially when you’re planning to put heavy and vital items. The weight capacity of each shelf should be specified, so please be precise in measurements. 

  • Is it safe?

This is a dealbreaker. You don’t want anything that’s not safe to be hanging from the walls or ceilings of your home. An unsafe hanging shelf is just an accident waiting to happen. You want a shelving unit built from high-quality and durable materials, as well as a shelf whose assembly is secure and tight. 

When it comes to the installation process, if you are unsure or not confident that you can do it properly, you can always ask a professional to do it for you. This is especially the case for hanging-ceiling shelves. 

  • What are the materials?

You want your shelf to be reliable and durable. The materials should be substantial to be able to hold the items that you are planning to place on it. You don’t want a shelf made of flimsy materials that would easily give up with heavy items. Usually, solid wood is the right choice, as well as iron frames.