Best Office Clocks to Buy in 2021

A clock is essential for any office. It’s not just décor, but it serves as the primary point on which the whole office revolves around. Every Room in your house has a purpose and different function so choosing a clock for an office can be different from your other rooms in your house.

Careful considerations should be made regarding the relevant factors that determine a clock’s usefulness for an office, not just its aesthetic value. The design should be simple and easily readable so that you can check the time with just a glance. It would be too inconvenient if you have to strain and spend too much time (pun intended) just to check the clock. It should also be large enough to be viewed from the far corners of your office and to accommodate any visiting client, or a helpful partner bringing in a beverage.

Aesthetic-wise, clocks don’t just come in circles anymore. There are now lots of different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. Clock choosing can be tempting, with the most high-tech and cool-looking clocks out there. With this much variety, it can get pretty time-consuming (again, pun intended) to be rifling through different designs of different kinds and price points.

Thankfully, we’ve already done the time-consuming part for you. Here are the 6 best office clocks that you can order online.

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How we Picked

Each item in this list was chosen based on our research. Which was going through thousands of recommendations and reviews, to check the functionality, aesthetics, durability, and other key indicators. We also looked at the reviews of previous buyers, and their testimonies to find real data on how well the products fared after their purchase. 

Then we compiled the best office clocks that looked great and were functional. This list offers a wide variety of different motifs and styles. The aim is to provide something for everyone, both in style preferences and budgets. 

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Editors Choice – Nixie Tube Clock

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This unique tube clock in a metal slab from Makenology is our pick for the best clock design on this list. It incorporates six metal tubes on a boulder. Each tube displays a digit corresponding to the current time. The overall look of it is rustic-futuristic and almost looks like a clock fresh out of a Star Wars scene. This is the best way to add a pop of interest and style to your office that is also functional. 

It is highly accurate, with a built-in RTC chip. This is especially important for an office clock. The boulder on which the tubes are perched upon has a titanium plating, which helps keep away any fingerprints and dirt that may cling to the clock. Another impressive feature of this already awesome office clock is that the display can be easily personalized, with a wide variety of design choices. The modification and installation process is also not tech-heavy and can be accomplished within minutes. 

Makenology is a China-based clock company that specializes in the most unique and stunning clocks in the market. Their Nixie Tube clocks are especially popular, with different variations that range from steel boulders, wood boulders, and various display methods. The designs of these clocks are creative and phenomenal, and as Makenology states it themselves: these clocks are designed to enhance your taste of life. 

This has a 4.5-star rating in its Amazon listing and has received a lot of praise from its previous customers. They are especially impressed with the out-of-this-world motif, and it’s incredibly easy to use functions and features. 

Best Functionality – Digital Alarm Clock with Wooden Electronic Display

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This is the perfect digital tabletop office clock; it can also function as a bedside alarm clock. The design is minimalistic and straightforward, with a triangular prism shape cut out from a wooden block and a black digital interface. It displays the time neatly and accurately, alongside the temperature and humidity readings. It can also work as a subtle touch of decor to an otherwise bleak office room. 

As mentioned, this is a digital alarm clock, and you can use it to set alarms that would help you navigate the workday better. The great thing is that you’re not just limited to one alarm setting, but you can set multiple alarm settings for various events and reminders throughout the day. 

The LED display is dimmable, and there are 3 brightness level settings. This works well to correspond with different brightness levels in the office, whether the light source is artificial or natural. 

It has a monumental amount of rating, with over 11000+ positive ratings from past customers. What’s even more spectacular is that it has a high 4.8-star average rating from all of these previous customers. The review section is the same: this is a great digital tabletop alarm clock that is readable, functional, and compact and size. Everyone loves and appreciates it, and it has undoubtedly revolutionized lives. 

JALL is well-known for its wooden digital alarm clock. Aside from this one, which is the best in our opinion, they also have different-shaped tabletop alarm clocks of different finishes. They have pure digital alarm clocks, alarm clocks with a rectangular prism shape, or even antique and classic style ones. 

Best Design – Sharper Image Word Clock

Check the current price on Amazon – $

This is also pretty up there with the best office clock designs. It is simple, minimalistic, and straightforward. If unplugged, it may look like a word search puzzle, but the letters will light up to tell the clock in five-minute intervals. The black and white design is sleek and professional and would fit into most office rooms that need a clock. 

It is 7.75 inches x 1.13 inches, a perfect size for a small office that takes customers and visitors by the regular. Moreover, the installation process can be done in a jiffy. Everything you need to set up this clock will already be delivered to you with it–the USD cord and the power adapter. Simply plug it on and see the magic happen. 

Sharper Image is a US-based brand that provides homes with advanced technology home accessories and essentials, such as electronics, air purifiers, and other lifestyle items. The brand prides itself on its unique but highly functional designs that will undoubtedly make life easier for you with technology. From toilet items, smart cutting boards, kitchen, and baby products–Sharper Image has everything in store for you. 

With an impressive rating from previous customers this has been well-loved by past customers who are satisfied with their purchase. It comes at a low and affordable price as well. However, some complaints revolve around its disadvantages, namely: it’s not dimmable, it doesn’t tell the time accurately, and every time you unplug it, you would need to reset to match your current time. These are only minor complaints, however, and if you can get past these, you will be satisfied with this affordable but phenomenal clock. 

Best Retro – WoneNice Flip-Down Clock 

Check the current price on Amazon – $$

This is our choice for the most functional clock design on this list. The numbers are large and clear, displayed in a flip-down programming system. It is highly accurate and can tell the exact time down to the minute. The accuracy is all thanks to the high-quality quartz movement. The overall motif is retro, but with the sleek metal and black material combination, it could easily fit into a modern office.

The stand of this flip-down clock is made of 304 stainless steel and is both stylish and durable. It ensures that the clock will not tumble with the smallest of movements, but instead, will remain upright, even with disturbances to your office desk. Another plus is that adjustment can be made easily in a breeze, with the straightforward gear mechanical system that governs this clock.

It works on a 12-hour basis and resets with AM and PM times. 

The company that produced this highly fashionable clock is WoneNice, which is a brand known for its home and family essentials, and barcode scanners. They have everything from camping items, to home organizational products, kitchen utensils, and even home electronics like this exceptional wall clock and many more. 

This has a staggering amount of 480 ratings that led to its 4.3-star average. It is given 5 stars for easy use, 4.7 stars for its value for money and clear display, 4.6 stars for accuracy, 4.5 stars for gift-giving potential, and 4.0 stars for its noiseless feature. 

Previous customers are certainly impressed with the look and quality of this clock. Just a heads up, however, be sure to keep it away from any children with restless hands as it will easily break if that happens. This product is known to run on a single battery in months and still maintain incredible and precise accuracy. 

Classic Design – Silent Non-Ticking Modern Wall Clock 

Check the current price on Amazon – $

This is the perfect office clock for those who want something classic but yet stylish and functional. It is a round wall clock that features a sleek and classy silver aluminum frame glass cover, and a black interface background. The numbers are clear and significant, in white print, which is the perfect contrast against the black background. It is truly a classic wall clock that will look good in any office, no matter the theme or decor.

It has a sweep second hand, which is pretty rare for a battery-operated clock. There is no sound produced, and it is utterly silent. The inner mechanisms are tight to prevent any unwanted humming. Aside from the easy to read clock interface, it also features humidity and atmospheric scale. It is designed for perfect accuracy, with light and balanced hands. 

hito is a popular brand for an everything wall clock. They have the best designs, and their wall clocks are notorious for functionality, sleekness, style, and different additional features. Some have temperature and humidity readers; others have an extra digital clock reading, and so on. But this particular silent non-ticking clock is our favorite (and two thousand others, too!). 

It is Amazon’s Choice for an office wall clock and has a landslide amount of 2100+ ratings. These large numbers of ratings all accumulated to the 4.4-star average rating of this wall clock. Previous customers are at an agreement: this is a beautiful wall clock that is silent, readable, and functional. There is no distracting humming or sound that may cause interference to the workplace. It is truly a magnificent wall clock that has been tried and tested time and time again. 

Also Great – Noiseless Silent Gear Steampunk Wall Clock

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If you want an office clock that is both decorative and functional, this vintage steampunk clock from Oldtown Clocks is our particular recommendation for you. It features a distressed paint job, with complimentary blocks and rustic colors. The three gears in the middle work correctly in transforming this wall clock as a decorative timepiece. Moreover, the transparent background works well with the Roman Numeral numbers. 

It is 23-inches in diameter, which is the perfect size as a timepiece. It is pretty readable, granted that the person who is reading the clock knows the Roman Numerals, which is pretty basic. 

It employs high-quality quartz ticking movement, which makes for a noiseless and seamless mechanism. It is also pretty lightweight, as it is made with a light MDF wood for the frame. The hands are painted with a lighter color, for distinction and easy visibility. There are no complaints with the design of this clock–it is just genuinely phenomenal for a steampunk theme.

Oldtown Clocks, as the name suggests, is a brand that produces vintage-style clocks, of different styles and varieties. There are more straightforward, more minimalistic clocks; there are vintage ones with distressed and rustic designs, as well as individual glass-enclosed tabletop clocks. 

This is Amazon’s Choice for Oldtown Clocks and has over 300+ ratings, with a 4.4-star average. It is an exquisite clock that is lightweight. The frame, gears, and numbers are all made of the same MDF lightweight wood, and its accuracy is terrifyingly accurate with a silent as a grave hand mechanism. 

Those were the best office clocks you can buy in 2020. This list incorporated a wide variety of clocks, from wall clocks, desktop clocks, and even to unique-decorated clocks resembling something out of a sci-fi movie or a football scoring apparatus. With this wide variety, you’ll surely find the best clock for your office. 

What to look for when buying an office clock

Before you embark on a journey trying to find the best clock for your office, let us save you some time by first giving a few reminders and pointers to remember. 

Is it readable? 

The purpose of an office clock is to be readable. If your clock of choice is beautiful and exquisite but the numbers and time are unreadable and mangled, it’s best to look at your other options. 

An office clock should have a simple and straightforward interface, with the numbers and time indicators large, clear, and are easily spotted. This can get trickier with clocks of different aesthetics, but it’s certainly possible to find something futuristic/vintage that is still functional. 

What are you using it for?

Think of where you’ll be putting this clock in your office. Will you be using it for your very own office room? Will you be hanging it in the main room where most of the employees are working? Or will it be in a small conference room?

The purpose of this question is to get an initial idea of the height and distance the clock will be viewed. If it’s on a desk, you can get away with a smaller clock that has a lower interface. But if it’s in the main room, the numbers should be large enough to be visible by the doorway. 

Is it silent?

An office is a place of concentration and professionalism. You wouldn’t want a clock that has a distracting ticking sound, or one whose chimes stops everyone from working and halts their concentration or train of thought. 

Try to look for a clock that is silent–both in terms of ticking and humming. This is usually the case for well-made, high-quality clocks, as they are built to have a tight mechanism to prevent any moaning from the internal system. 

Is it accurate?

This one’s pretty straightforward, clocks are supposed to be accurate in telling the time, especially for an environment that is governed by schedules and accuracies, like an office. Look for something that has a high-tech gear system, allowing for accurate time readings. Efficiency is mainly the problem for non-traditional hand clocks. 

Some clocks fair well in the first initial months upon purchasing, but the accuracy soon dwindles as the months go by. To counter this potential problem, do research extensively on the reviews. If someone has encountered anything similar, they would have written about it in the review section.