Best Retro Office Dressers

Dressers are instrumental organizational pieces of furniture. Found in everyone’s bedrooms dressers are usually mid-rise furniture used as storage for clothes, underwear, socks, and other items that can fit in the drawers. However, they are multipurpose pieces that fit in any room of your home.

An excellent function for dressers is to keep your files and paperwork organized, in your office. The drawers are usually deep and broad, which makes it possible to store office items. Additionally, they are compact and compress—this makes them easy and convenient to use as office storage. 

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How we picked

A dresser has one primary purpose: as a storage organizer. Therefore, the main qualities that a good dresser is the following:

  •  Spacious enough to provide an ample amount of storage
  •  Durability to sustain the weight of the items to be stored

As the leading standard, we chose dressers that fit into a retro theme. In this case, retro is defined to be vintage and dated. Expect each chest on this list to be stylish, functional, and high-quality. 

Editors Choice – SONGMICS Wide Dresser with 5 Drawers, Metal Frame and Wooden Top

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To kick off this list is our Editor’s Choice. Rightfully earned because of its classic retro look, substantial storage space, and heavy-duty construction. Out of the hundreds of cabinets we saw, this has to be the one with the best retro design, as well as reliable manufacturing.

The top is wooden with a worn finish, while the frame and drawers are metal with a rustic look. The handles are polished chrome. This particular variety has two large drawers on the right side, and three smaller ones on the left. There are six other product variations, with different numbers of drawers and height. 

The construction is durable and could double as a TV holder, how’s that for functionality. Each drawer can hold up to 6 pounds in total. It comes with label holders and adjustable stands that make it possible to use this cabinet on uneven flooring. The option to mount the dresser to the wall is also available. 

SONGMICS is a home improvement brand that first started in Germany, last 2012. They specifically focus on home organization items, with a vast collection of affordable, homey, but charming furniture.

The average rating for this cabinet is 4.5 out of 5 stars, from 100+ past customers. The upper percentage of these customers, around 70%, gave 5-star perfect ratings. Customers are at an agreement: This is a great purchase that has exceeded their expectations. 

WE 2-Door Metal Mesh Storage Cabinet 

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The next dresser is simple, functional, and easy to assemble. If you are looking for something compact and looks good, this is definitely for you. It is a storage cabinet with two metal mesh doors from Walker Edison Furniture Company. 

The metal mesh door design gives a retro and stylish look. The inside space has four chambers, top right, top left, bottom right, and bottom left. The top surface is wood and can be used to display or store any items that should always be out in the open for accessibility. The weight limit is 125 pounds.

There are four other variations of this product: a 52-inch TV stand, a 60-inch TV stand, a bar cabinet, and a buffet piece. For this listing, we’re referencing the accent cabinet in rustic wood. You can choose to shop for the other versions if you want to match your home furniture with each other. 

WE, or Walker Edison Furniture Company, is a well-known furniture brand that manufactures the best furniture of industrial, vintage, or farmhouse style. Their products are well-received by customers, with most of them having 4-star averages and up. Their items are all high-quality and easy to assemble. 

As Amazon’s Choice for an industrial cabinet, it has garnered over 270+ ratings that led to its impressive 4.6-star average. The reviews section reveals that most of the customers are happy with how the storage cabinet looks like in person. 

Despite being made of MDF wood and not solid wood, it’s pretty sturdy and will hold your office items very well. The only problem that the past customers encountered was the unclear instructions. Suggestions are given for a better manual with better graphics, for a smoother installation process. 

Best shabby-chic – Powell Furniture Calypso Console

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This console from Powell Furniture is the epitome of everything rustic and vintage. It is our special pick as the Best Shabby Chic design. The console features an antique and distressed look, mimicking the aged look of old wood. The dark blue painting that bleeds into the fading outer edges sells a convincing rustic look. 

It is 32.35 inches tall, coming up mid-level. It features two top drawers with unique handles, while the lower chamber has two doors that lead to a horizontally divided space. It has multicolor accents, looking like it is multiple pieces of wood that are integrated.

Powell Furniture has been producing the best quality furniture for 40 years. Their products are anywhere from classic, comfortable, elegant, modern, retro, to rustic. This international furniture brand is award-winning, bagging the first place awards in three multiple occasions for the most critical Pinnacle Award in the furniture industry. 

They produce solid furniture, which is peak craftsmanship and quality control from over four decades of being a leading name in the industry. While it initially started as an accent furniture company, it is now an all-around brand that is well-trusted by families across the globe. You may check out their Calypso Collection for other similar products. 

As Amazon’s Choice for rustic furniture, it has a 4.5-star average rating, from over 30+ customers. A look into the reviews section will reveal the authentic experience that buyers get from this console. 

“It is stylish and worth every penny. It’s also perfect for adding a pop of character into an otherwise plain room.” This is the majority of the feedback from the reviews section. Keep in mind though, that it is lightweight and it can give splinters if not handled correctly. We suggest only using it for non-heavy office items. 

Best Industrial Chic – WHW Multi-Drawer Industrial Chic Utility Chest 

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If you need multi-spaces or divisions to file and organize your paperwork correctly, this multi-drawer utility chest from WHW (Whole House Worlds) is our particular recommendation for you. It is also our choice as the Best Industrial Chic Design. It looks incredibly unique and exciting, but also provides multiple storage spaces for your office needs. 

It is quite tall, standing at 43.7 inches. The overall look of this utility chest is retro and chic. The combination of the light wood varnish, black metal frame, and silverworks go well together. The “Frankenstein” look of the multiple drawers adds the feel of retro and vintage. 

It has 17 drawers in total and 2 bins. Out of the 17 drawers, 3 are in a vertical orientation for vertical filing and organization. The bins are also useful for housing larger, non-paper office items. Overall, this utility chest is valuable and practical, as it can keep your room organized from all sorts of clutter. 

Every unit is handcrafted and guaranteed to be a quality piece. The wooden parts are made of fir wood with a distressed finish, while the frame is metal and weighty. 

Whole House Worlds is a New York-based company that manufactures and sells the most stylish and most unique home improvement pieces to your home. They are notorious for high-quality products that are both comfortable but aesthetic. From furniture for your home and office, candle holders, organizational baskets, garden items, Buddha statues—they have it all at Whole House World. 

Kamiler 7-Drawer, 3-Tier Storage Organizer

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For a more comfortable office design, this practical dresser that features light neutral colors is your best option. Perfect for home offices, or offices more comfy and whimsical, rather than professional and white-collared. It’s available in three other different variations: gray, light gray, and rustic brown.

It has three tiers in total and divides into two vertical sections. The rightmost side features similarly colored brownish-gray pull-out drawer bins in the same sizes. The left side has four pull-out drawers. The top tier has one full off-white drawer, the middle level has two light beige, and the lowest level has the same brownish-gray full drawer. 

The frame is metal, and the top surface is a solid MDF board. The drawers are deep and spacious. The frame itself is anti-rust, while the drawers are made of medium-density fibreboard and polyester fabric. Additionally, it is made to be waterproof to withstand any unfortunate spillage or water accident. 

With a staggering amount of almost 500 ratings, it has a 4.3-star average. Past customers enjoy this charming storage piece. From the assembly process to their present use, there have been no problems so far. Also, the waterproof feature of the top has proved to be a lifesaver for multiple occasions.

Kamiler produces a ton of dressers in a similar style. These dressers range from colors, sizes, and materials, but one thing’s for sure: they are best sellers. The company has over 1000+ reviews, with average ratings of 4.5 stars. 

Best Budget – ROMOON 5-Drawer Dresser Organizer 

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The most straightforward design, this five-drawer dresser organizer from ROMOON is the best that we found. It is available in three colors: dark gray, espresso, and grey. The left side has two large drawers while the right side has two smaller ones, which makes it much more versatile to cater to your storage needs. Additionally, all five drawers are collapsible. 

The materials are high-quality—the drawers are made of MDF board while the frame is heavy-duty iron. The drawers are covered with polyester fabric. Your purchase already comes with all the accessories you will need for assembling this dresser. 

It has an impressive 4.6-star average rating, from about 1700 past customers. That’s more than 1700 people who bought this dresser organizer and were genuinely pleased with their purchase. As Amazon’s Choice for a “dresser storage organizer,” this has a lot of positive feedback and comments. 

The assembly process is easy, and will only take you about 15 minutes. The final product is satisfactory, as it looks good, works well, and ages very slowly. The drawers are lightweight and can be pulled out entirely. The bin drawers are deep and spacious, which is perfect for both large stacks of paperwork and office items. 

ROMOON has a vast collection of storage items, from drawers and dressers of different shapes, styles, and sizes, to laundry baskets, and hampers, it is evident that ROMOON keeps your home neat and tidy. Additionally, most of their products have more than 1000+ ratings, accumulating to a regular average of 4.5 stars. 

With these 6 high-quality and functional dressers, you are now all set to arrange your office however you want. Organization and filing are vital for an office, as it is a professional space where important documents should be kept accessible at all times. The answer to a cluttered office is dressers—multi-use, adorable, and compact. 

What to keep in mind when buying retro dressers

Dressers or utility cabinets, like most furniture, are long-term investments. So, you want to consider a few factors when you are shopping for your office storage organizer. Aside from the obvious factor of aesthetic value, keep in mind the value and quality of each item. 

  • Purpose

Not all dressers are equal. Some are made to hold clothes. Some are more heavy-duty for more substantial items. Chestadraws can be lightweight and more decorative than functional. Think of the purpose you want your new dresser to fill.

In this case, since you are shopping for a retro dresser for your office, you want something heavy-duty. Paperwork, when stacked and piled together, could reach a couple of pounds, and your storage cabinet should be able to sustain that. 

  • Weight capacity 

For most utility cabinets, the carrying capacity of each drawer is specified. You want drawers to be deep and spacious, with enough weight capacity to hold the paperwork.

  • Features 

In this modern age, storage cabinets aren’t just storage cabinets. Some have a waterproof finish, different installation options. Some cabinets already include label holders. 

Take into consideration the features that would work well for your purpose, as well as the features that are worth the price. As is the case for most items, extra features mean extra bucks added to the selling price. Carefully weigh your options according to these parameters. 

  • Quality 

The most standard factor to consider when buying something long-term, especially for your home, is quality. Never compromise on the quality of furniture. Remember, you would rather pay a lot for a long-lasting product than pay a low amount for multiple times because you have to replace the item continually. 

For utility storage, you want quality as it isn’t just a decorative piece, but a functional one. It’s supposed to keep your office items in place. It’s a long-term investment that will keep your paperwork safe for a long time.