10 Best Retro Kitchen Accessories

When it comes to renovating a retro house, the things that truly bring out the retro spirit lies in the little knick-knacks that are retro-inspired. With the living room, it’s usually through the displays and decor. However, with the kitchen, you can add double-purpose knick-knacks. They can not only be for display, but they can also be functional in the form of kitchen accessories. 

With that being said, we already did the job and looked for the best kitchen accessories in the market. Of course, everything’s retro-inspired to match your equally electrifying retro home. This is a long and comprehensive list, encompassing a wide variety of accessories for multiple purposes. 

Hopefully, these kitchen accessories match your preferences and needs for your kitchen. We also included a section discussing the characteristics that you should look for in these retro kitchen accessories. “Kitchen accessories” is a broad category, but we tried our best to provide a standard set of characteristics that encompass most accessories. 

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How we picked

Because this list is wide-range and comprehensive, we relied on the quality and retro value of each item. We specifically chose highly recommended items with great reviews on ratings across different platforms, especially Amazon. We looked into the reviews of each item, to ensure that we are recommending a high-quality product in this list. 

Editors Choice – Nostalgia 2-Slice Toaster

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This is the Editor’s Choice, and a definite must-have if you have a retro kitchen. Nothing screams “retro” more than this aqua-colored toaster that looks it came straight out of an 80s diner. It has 1700++ ratings on Amazon, a 4.7-star average rating, and it is also Amazon’s Choice for the best retro toaster in the market. 

As a toaster, it is functional and useful, with multiple efficient features. For one, the toaster slots are extra-wide, accommodating any bread or pastry. You can toast extra-thick bread slices, croissants, bagels, and so much more. Aside from that, it has three other functions aside from “toast.” It can toast on one side only (bagel), defrost, and cancel at any instant. 

Moreover, it’s highly efficient and compact. There is built-in cord storage within the unit for more accessible storage. There is also a pull-out crumb tray that makes clean up faster and easier. It’s useful, aside from adding aesthetic value to your kitchen. 

Previous customers rave about this toaster in the comment section. Not only is it pretty to look at, but it’s also durable and pretty versatile. They shared how this toaster changed their mornings. If there’s one thing you should buy from this list, it’s this retro toaster.

Best for the chef – Nostalgia Breakfast Station with Coffee Maker

This belongs to Nostalgia’s Retro series, along with the first item on this list (the toaster). There is a vast number of items within the same series, bearing the same theme and aqua color. It’s worth checking out if you want your kitchen appliances and accessories to match each other. 

This is our special pick for the chefs in the kitchen. It will certainly add the “fast” in breakfast, and make it efficient and compact within one space. There is already a coffee maker for the coffee lovers out there. The inside cavity is a toaster oven that can be used for multiple things, while the top serves as a griddle for frying eggs, bacon, and other breakfast items. 

Aside from its primary functions, the control panel is simple to use and friendly for everyone. It makes usage much faster and no fuss with built-in cleaning racks. Also, there are detachable oven trays, wire racks, and a crumb tray. Making the cleanup process hassle-free and easy. 

As Amazon’s Choice for “breakfast station,” it has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, from over 1,500+ ratings. The most common phrases in the reviews section are: comes apart for easy cleanup, makes breakfast fast and easy, works as advertised, and other positive comments. 

Best for the coffee enthusiast – Diguo Syphon Coffee Maker

This item transcends the electrifying and colorful retrograde 80s and fits perfectly in the 1800s Victorian era-inspired homes. The overall shape of this coffee maker is unique, perfectly matching the ironworks forges in the olden ages. However, the rose gold finish provides a sleek and modern look, making it a timeless piece. 

It is our special pick for the coffee lovers out there, who cannot let go of their beloved coffee makers to match their vintage homes better. We introduce to you this luxurious vintage coffee maker. It is not only beautiful, but it also works perfectly well. 

The coffee brewed by this product is described to be clean, free of any impurities, with an aromatic taste. You will soon learn to love the coffee that comes out from this machine to the point that you can’t live without it at all. 

With a 4.4-star average, from around 100 ratings, the most common phrases in the reviews section are: works smoothly without trouble, the flavor of the coffee is superior, and it is fun to use. 

Best gift – Morecome Retro Vinyl Coasters

There is nothing more brilliant than these drink coasters that are designed to look like a retro vinyl disc. It’s so stinkin’ cute. It’s so creative. But most of all, it works. It is double-purpose. When you’re not using it under your cups, you can hang it or display it on shelves with clear glass windows. 

These coasters come in a set of 6 pieces, with a reasonably large size that is sure to be sufficient for most cup sizes. They are flat and sturdy, which is enough to assure that these vinyl coasters will last you a long time. The underside of the coasters is made of grip foam, which prevents your cups from sliding across your tables and leaving rings that might ruin your furniture. 

The grip foam works for temperature control, preventing the underside from overheating and transferring the heat into your furniture. The previous buyers are sold on the whimsical and fun retro design. It is a great gift idea that will surely be appreciated. 

Creative Co-op “Eat Here” Tin Retro Wall Decor

If your retro kitchen walls are looking bare and dingy, the best way to spice them up is through this tin retro wall decor that says “eat here.” It’s a witty decor idea, and will surely earn some snickers if not a full-blown conversation coming from visitors who are coming to eat at your home. 

The design mimics the old-school signs of retro restaurants and diners that became popular in the 60s. It is made to look weathered and worn as if it’s been sitting outside, trying to pull in customers for long—additionally, the yellow bulbs, which gives the illusion that it is electric signage. 

The construction is made of solid tin metal. This is what makes the piece weighty and substantial. It’s an exciting piece that will fit both retro and vintage homes. It is no only a charming wall decor, but it is also high-quality. It looks just as it is advertised with sturdy and superior construction. 

Kit Cat Klock Gentlemen The Original

This is a pretty popular piece, and you’ve probably seen it everywhere. It’s in trendy restaurants, in the background of your favorite YouTubers, in fun cafes, and so much more. It’s such an iconic piece that its origins are often overshadowed. But today, we’ll unearth its retro beginnings. 

The Kit-Cat Klock reached rapid popularity and growth in the 40s and 50s and was used in a lot of public establishments (including retro restaurants!). Not long after, the Kit Cat Klock became synonymous with 50s America. Its popularity continued in the 80s until it eventually died down. 

A great way to bring back the Kit Cat Klock legacy into your kitchen is to add it to your walls. The iconic left-right motion of the cat eyes and tail will win you over! The one is this list is the original, “classic” gentlemen black cat with a white bowtie. 

Unfortunately, there have been reports/reviews of cheap production and broken clocks. We suggest verifying the sellers that you are buying it from first to avoid buying any counterfeit products. 

Juvale Bread Box

You probably didn’t think you needed a bread box (if you even knew bread boxes existed), but you do! Bread boxes are a great way to keep your bread fresh for longer. It prevents it from easily going bad or going stale. It also prevents any bugs, flies, or small microorganisms from making it into your bread. 

The perfect retro bread box comes in the cutest pastel teal color, with a fairly minimalistic design. It just says “bread” in the front, in a cute font. This is a pretty large bread box and can accommodate a large number of buns/pastries/bread slices. 

Additionally, there are small holes incorporated into the design. These holes are there to provide air circulation, thus, making the bread fresh for longer. Previous customers are definitely in love and satisfied. A lot of them are surprised by the size of this bread box, however. But space is always a luxury, especially when it comes to storage items. 

Sweet Home Collection Dish Rack

A drying rack is a definite must for any kitchen. It’s essential when you’re not a fan of dishwashers and prefer to hand wash the dishes. Even if you’re a dishwasher-user in your home, there would always be a time when you’ll hand wash dishes, and you certainly need a drying rack to dry them before storing them into your cupboards. 

We all know what water and moisture do to our cabinets or furniture, after all. It ruins it. That’s why a drying rack is essential. It already has a dish rack, a plastic cutlery caddie, and a drainboard. The plastic caddie already has two spaces, so that you can separate your silverware or flatware when dishwashing. 

This is a wisely-built drying rack, and you can tell that much thought was put into this its design. For one, the lip is intended to hang above your sink, so that water has a safe outlet and it will not collect on your counter. Also, it’s easy to clean with just a damp cloth. 

One Hundred 80 Degrees Salt and Pepper Shakers Set 

On the conversation of looking for kitchen accessories, an excellent and stylish addition would be the salt and pepper shakers set. Luckily, we found the perfect retro version for that. These are salt and pepper shakers that took inspiration from the 50s art deco era. One shaker is light blue; the other is green; both have gleaming and sleek chrome tops. 

Each shaker is made to be quite substantial, sized to be the perfect amount for comfort and convenience. It’s not too large that it becomes hard to use, but it’s also not too small that you need to refill it now and then. Its made of durable stoneware, but it’s not too heavy that is may cause accidents when cooking. 

Previous customers are satisfied with their salt and pepper shakers. They look retro and cute and are the perfect pop of design for the kitchen. They work very well and are useful in fulfilling their purpose. Be careful, though, as they are meant to be hand-washed only, not be put into the dishwasher. 

Nostalgia Snow Cone Maker

You don’t need a snow cone maker in your home. But the fun thing about owning a retro home is that you can add unique knick-knacks to it, in the name of home renovation and home decoration. You can add a slot machine to your living room to further amplify the “retro-ness” of it. You can add a jukebox, and you can add a vinyl player, and so much more. 

Of course, when it comes to your kitchen, you can add a stylish retro snow cone maker that you can use occasionally. The great thing is that Nostalgia has the perfect one, under their retro series. It bears the same aqua color and simple design. 

It’s a great piece to be used at parties. You can serve snow cones to your guests with this neat machine. It already comes with 1 reusable plastic cup, and there are specially-made snow cone kits that you can use with it as well. 

With over 800+ rating, this is a well-loved item. This is a summary of the reviews section: It works very well and produces finely shaved ice, instead of ice chips. It’s also highly efficient, and fun to use. It is a bit loud, however, so please do keep that in mind when buying it. 

Those are 10 of our recommended kitchen accessories, that will undoubtedly turn your bare old kitchen into a fun, whimsical area. These kitchen accessories are also functional and efficient, which allows you to save space correctly.  

What to look for when buying retro kitchen accessories

As mentioned, we tried to be as general as possible. It’s a bit difficult to provide a specific set of standards or criteria as we are referring to a wide array of products. Nonetheless, these are essential standards and criteria that you should keep in mind when shopping for kitchen accessories. 

  1. Does it look good? 

A critical aspect to ask when you’re trying to put together your retro kitchen. Does the accessory look good? More importantly, does it look good with the rest of your decor? You want to buy something that would easily tie in with the other items in your kitchen. 

  1. Does it work?

If you’re buying a machine/appliance, you want to make sure that it works. It’s sadly a common occurrence, but a lot of great-looking items are only a gimmick, and they fail in being useful or functional. Sure, they can be used as a display instead, but you want to kill two birds with one stone. 

You want to make sure that whatever machine/appliance it is that you are buying is working. Look into the review of the prospective item and the recommendations. Utilize the internet for your purposes. It would be a bummer to be buying a slot machine expecting it to work, only for it to break down on your first use.

  1. Is it high quality?

This applies to functional and non-functional items. You want to buy something high-quality and will last you a long time. Look into the track record of the brand or the company that manufactures this item. Is the track record positive? Has the brand been around for long? Has the brand successfully build a trusted relationship with its buyers?

Look into the construction and features as well. Was this designed with the customers in mind? Or was this designed to be less efficient but to cut around with costs? Is it made of durable materials? Is the assembly sturdy?