4 Best Retro Toasters For A Stylish Kitchen

When designing your retro home, the fun lies in the little knick-knacks and appliances that are retro-inspired. Sure, choosing your 80s flooring and walls will be more enjoyable compared to choosing its regular counterparts. But let’s be real here, what truly elevates a retro home is the machinery and appliances that you add to it. 

The living room can benefit from an 80s jukebox, as well as an 80s slot machine, to entirely sell the “retro” perspective. But when it comes to the kitchen, we’re looking at 80s-inspired appliances that are both functional and stylish. One of those kitchen appliances that can retro-fy your home is the toaster. 

In this article, we’ll be looking at the 4 best retro toasters that will immediately turn your home kitchen into an 80s diner. These are not only designed to look incredible, but they have high functionality and are easy to use. 

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How we picked

There are only 4 retro toasters in this list. We wanted to choose one toaster for 4 categories that we decided on: editor’s choice (which is the best well-rounded toaster, overall), a toaster for thicker bread slices, a toaster with multiple functions, and lastly, a toaster with a viewing window. 

As prerequisites, each toaster in this list has a retro design to it. We ensured that each toaster would look immaculate in a quaint home and that each toaster is high-quality and of outstanding durability. 

Editors Choice – Nostalgia 2-Slice Toaster in Aqua 

This aqua Nostalgia 2-slice toaster has garnered over 1700+ ratings, accumulating to an impressive 4.7-star out of 5 average. It is also Amazon’s Choice for a “retro toaster,” and has been recommended across multiple websites and platforms. With a toaster as talked about like this one, we couldn’t overlook its achievements and functions. 

First, let’s talk about the design and aesthetic aspect of it. It comes in aqua color, which is the primary color of Nostalgia’s retro line. This color might be uncommon, but it certainly adds to the overall retro appeal of this toaster. 

It is sleek and straightforward, with the metal side components enclosed in a white strip that is across the middle side part of the toaster. There are three metal slips on the front and back of the toaster, which are there for decor. A red flag is on the show, bearing the name “retro series.” It takes a simple but sleek and fun design, which your kitchen will probably benefit from.

Next, we’ll be looking at its functionality and extra features. After all, the criteria for these toasters detail that they must all be useful, aside from their aesthetic value. 

For one, it has large toasting slots. This makes it perfect for bread, English muffins, and bagels. This is already an adequate level of versatility, as compared to toasters with thinner slots. The side houses the lighted control buttons, which has a defrost, bagel, and cancel option. 

Moreover, it has 5 browning levels which will allow you to toast your item according to your preferences and how it should be done. This is another feature that supports the appliance’s versatility and usefulness. 

There is already a built-in cord storage slot in each toaster. This will make it easy to store the toaster in one compact unit, saving space in the cabinet. Additionally, this also protects the cord from any elements or pests that may find its way into the cord. This one feature lengthens the lifespan of the toaster. 

Last but not least, this toaster has an easy and quick way for cleanup. It has a crumb collector that can be ejected from the unit. You can slide out the crumb collector and dump it off to a trash bin, and you’re good to go. 

For this Nostalgia retro toaster, we’re looking at versatility, easy cleanup, easy storage and durability. 

“This toaster works perfectly. It toasts my bread fast and easy, to the right doneness that I want. Plus, it looks cute, and it matches my retro kitchen perfectly!” is the consensus of most buyers in the comment section. 

Best for Fat Bread – Keenstone Retro 2-Slice Toaster

This is our pick for the best toaster for fat bread slices. There isn’t a standard to loaf bread slice sizes, especially when it comes to homemade bread. Some slices are thicker, and we wanted to find the best retro toaster for thick bread slices. 

This Keenstone 2-slice bread has 2 toaster slots that are extra-wide in size. They are 1.5 inches thick, which can accommodate any bread. Expect the toaster to toast your bread evenly and perfectly. 

Aside from having extra-wide toaster slots, this Keenstone retro toaster is multifunctional. For one, it has six setting modes, which will make your bread lightly toasted to dark. There are also setting buttons, with the cancel, defrost, and bagel options. 

The side lift lever is also added to make it easier to pop out the hot bread slices when you’re finished. It can also be lifted much higher for smaller bread slices. It reduces the chances of getting your hands burnt. 

Lastly, this toaster can be cleaned up fast and easy with the slide-out crumb tray in the rear. Such a function is purposeful for the appliance as it makes it easier to use every time. This is a feature that is added to newer build toaster models and has revolutionized toasting. 

To recap, we are looking at a toaster that has thick toaster slots, with 6 levels of toasting settings, three setting buttons, a side lever, and a crumb tray. This is multifunctional and will prove to be useful in the kitchen. 

Looking at its aesthetic aspect, this toaster is retro. The buttons and lever are kept to be minimal and arranged at the side. 

The shape, with a slightly domed top, is unique but stylish, and the sleek and straightforward outer design screams “80s diner.” There is a simple brand logo, located in the lower front of the toaster. 

The mint/apple color is also fun and enjoyable. It will undoubtedly look great surrounded by other retro kitchen appliances. It can also add a fun pop of color if you are going with a more muted retro kitchen interior, as it comes with a more neutral, beige tone. 

We’ve already established the aesthetic value and the utility of this toaster. But the question is: is it worth the money? The performance of this toaster on the Amazon website will affirm that question. 

With around 700 ratings, it has an average of 4.6 stars. The previous customers are also satisfied and in love with their toasters, citing its “sexiness,” durability, usefulness, and outstanding performance as its best features. This is a must-have toaster, whether you love a retro theme or not. 

Best for Bagels – Yabano’s Multifunctional 4-Slice

Multifunctionality is at its peak with this Yabano stainless steel toaster. With an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, from over 700+ ratings, this toaster is well-loved by its previous users. With its wide array of features and functions, we can’t get past this beauty. 

Let’s talk about its features and functions first. For one, it is a 4-slice toaster that can slice almost any kind of bread. The slots are extra wide, 1.6 inches in width. This will make it easy to toast bread of different thicknesses, waffles, muffins, bagels, and so much more. 

Next, it has 7 shade settings. This will allow you to toast to whatever doneness your tastebuds prefer. The bread will pop up automatically, according to the settings that you chose. You can easily lift the bread from the toaster with the high-lift lever. It’s useful, so you don’t have to get your hands burned. 

It has 3 other functions: defrost, bagel, and cancel options are available with the side buttons. This makes it possible to cancel toasting any time, toast a bagel, or defrost a frozen piece of bread. 

Like most modern toasters, this one also comes with a crumb tray: one for each toaster slot. This makes cleanup fast, easy, and hassle-free. 

Lastly, another unique feature of this toaster is that it comes with 2 warming racks. This further amplifies the “don’t get burned!” motto of the toaster, as it allows you to cool down your food before consumption. 

To keep count of the functions and features, we are looking at 5, beneficial functions and features: 1) extra wide, 1.6-inch toaster slots, 2) 7-shade setting, 3) high-lift lever 4) 3 button functions, 4) 4 crumb trays, 5) 2 warming racks. It’s highly functional and will meet your toasting needs without any fuss. 

When it comes to the aesthetic value of this toaster, we will describe it to be somewhat modern but retro at the same time. The length is stainless steel and sleek, including the warming racks of the toaster. The shorter end is colored in a light yellow. 

Despite being multifunctional, it’s designed to be as compact as possible. This makes it easy for storage and space-saving. Moreover, the bottom is rubberized. This allows you to forego a certain level of care, without scratching your counters or damaging the toaster. It’s a useful addition. 

When we look into the feedback of previous buyers, it’s clear that this toaster is made to be high-quality. The different functions are satisfactory, making things fast and easy. It’s highly efficient and works wonders. Previous buyers recommend it to prospective users, with a promise that it will make breakfast quick and easy for them. 

Fun to Watch – DASH 2-Slice Clear View Toaster

It’s not a known habit, but some people enjoy watching the bread inside the toaster turn from white to dark (kidding!). The DASH clear view toaster makes this possible. It is our impressive choice as the best retro toaster that has a clear view for viewing and watching out for the bread to finish toasting. 

With a staggering number of ratings (over 3300++!!), this is a beloved toaster that looks cute, stylish, functional, and durable. It is the Amazon’s Choice for “Dash clear view toaster.” 

First, let’s talk about the design of this toaster. It is unique with a smaller, more compact, overall design to it. The primary color is aqua, with black and metal trimmings all over. The trimmings add a sleek and sophisticated edge. There is a large window in front, which shows the toasting process perfectly. 

It is also available in red, white, grey, and black. These are classic retro colors that add the perfect pop to an otherwise natural area. Aside from the aesthetic value that it brings, it is also highly functional. 

For one, it has different functions; it is a 4-in-1 appliance that cannot only make toast, but it can also defrost, reheat, cancel, and provide one-sided toasting (for bagels!) as well. It has 7 browning levels, and an auto-shutoff button to avoid overheating. 

When it comes to built-in functions, we have a slide-out crumb tray for fast cleaning. And extra-wide slots that can accommodate any toasting needs and preferences. 

The compact size and design might give the impression that this toaster is straightforward with simple functions. But this wide range of multifunctions and features tell us otherwise. The glass window is also removable for easier cleanup.

DASH is a US-based company, and this appliance is also assembled in the US. It also comes with a 1-year warranty and a recipe book.

With an average of 4.4 stars, this is a highly recommended product that has found its way into the kitchen counters across multiple states. It has a 4.5-star rating for easy usage and warmth, 4.4 stars for easy cleaning, 4.2 stars for value for money, 4.1 stars for versatility, and 3.8 stars for durability. 

Previous customers LOVE this toaster. It toasts fast without any trouble or difficulty and toasts croissants, wheat bread, white bread, to bagels. And you can use the window to watch for your bread to finish. 

The one main complaint, however, is that it doesn’t have a high-lift higher, which has made things trickier and much more challenging to get out the bread slices. 

Those were the 4, best of the best, toasters that you can add to your retro kitchen. Each toaster in this list is unique, and we specifically chose each for the individual features that each one has. We hope this list has provided you with a clear idea of the toaster you’ll be buying for your home. 

What to consider

We compiled the criteria and things to consider for a retro toaster. These are things that shouldn’t be overlooked when buying the kitchen appliance. We already skipped the aesthetic part, as that’s a pretty obvious and subjective aspect. After all, the toaster that you should be choosing should look great and fit your kitchen well. 

  1. Your toasting needs.

The design and features of your toaster will depend upon your needs and preferences. For one, the number of slots will depend on the number of members in your family. 

Toasters usually have 2 or 4 slices. The downside to a 4-slice toaster is that it is bulkier and larger than a 2-slice toaster, but it would make your breakfasts faster and less fussy. 

Next, consider the type of bread or pastry that you eat that needs toasting. Are you a bagel or croissant fan? Or do you eat regular bread? In which case, if you only eat traditional bread, a compact, small-slot toaster will already be sufficient. 

  1. Search the company

You want to be sure of what you’re buying. A toaster is a commitment and investment, and you would like to see results for your money. 

Low-quality toasters get scary hot immediately. They are challenging to work with, and you will, most probably, end up with burnt bread every time you use them. This is not ideal and wasteful. 

Other low-quality toasters have brittle and weak components. You might find the lever breaking, or that the plug isn’t working at all. In which case, with a small part malfunction, your toasting will already be deemed unusable. 

Be sure to research the brand and model of the toaster that you are eyeing to buy. Look up reviews and recommendations for real, unfiltered info about the toaster.