6 Best Rustic TV Stands You Can Buy Online

One central aspect of your home often overlooked in the initial redecorating and renovating process is the TV stand. More often than not, the decision to purchase a TV stand comes separate with other furniture, sort of like an afterthought. 

But we’re here to remind you that the TV stand exists and should also be taken into consideration when renovating your mid-century rustic farmhouse. 

We’ve already done it for you. We’ve scoured the internet for the best TV stands that you can buy from the comfort of your home. These rustic and vintage TV stands will look magnificent when paired with your TVs that is the central piece of entertainment in your home. 

While often overlooked, TV stands are quite crucial as they hold the TV—which is one of the most looked at items in your living room. Here, we’ll look at vintage TV stands that are both functional, efficient, durable and immaculate. 

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How we picked

Each TV stand in this list was carefully chosen, they are high quality and durable, evidenced by the testimonies of recommendations of the previous buyers who have left feedback. 

The TV stands in this list are all rustic and vintage that is genuinely created for your mid-century farmhouse. These TV stands are all functional, with ample storage space, and efficient, with some having extra features for convenience and additional functionality. 

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Best Farmhouse – Pamari Wrangler Sliding Barn Door

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This sliding barn door TV stand from Pamari is well-loved and well-received. It’s the crowd favorite in this list with over 1,500+ ratings that resulted in an impressive 4.7-star average. 

Nothing screams “farmhouse” more than a sliding barn door component for your TV stand. This looks elegant and impressive with the three divisions and two sliding barn doors. This way, you can choose which divisions you want to cover to use as storage and keep any clutter away from sight. You can place the sliding barn doors on the two outer shelf divisions or the more significant, inner division. The color is a stylish off-white that is perfectly complemented by the sleek black screws and metal sliding door system.

Next, we’ll look at the specifications and construction of this TV stand. It is pretty spacious, allowing ample space to accommodate a 60-inch flat-screen TV that can weigh up to 75 pounds. That is a pretty standard size for a flat-screen TV. There is a built-in cable management system (CMS) that will help keep the wires organized and tucked away from plain sight. It includes tip-restraint hardware that diminishes the risk of accidents happening and causing damage to your TV. The TV stand is constructed with old wood that has a white finish, and the flat top is made of canyon lake. 

This is not only built to last, but it is also made to be very efficient. The integrated CMS program is successful in keeping your TV holder clear and clutter-free. The shelvings are too numerous and spacious, providing enough space for storage of books, video games, or any decorations. The sliding door system makes it possible to keep any unorganized spaces away from your sight. 

“It’s effortless to assemble and doesn’t cause much stress at all. Plus, it’s super useful and functional, as it is very helpful in keeping things organized and in place. Not to mention, I am in love with the look of this TV stand that perfectly matches my mid-century vintage home.” These are the most common words found in the review section from previous buyers. 

Editors Choice – Walker Edison Furniture 64-inch Rustic Wood

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This particular TV stand is so popular that we’ve included the two best and famous versions of it in this list. This is a Walker Edison TV stand that also doubles up as living room storage. It also features an electric fireplace with the display. The heat of the electric fireplace can warm up a room of up to 400 square feet. The electric fireplace is easily customizable, as you can choose the heat, as well as the LED display depending on your mood. 

The best thing about this TV stand is that it is comfortable and multifunctional. It’s perfect for flat-screen TVs that are up to 60 inches. There are ample storage spaces, with the top two shelves open for easy access, while the two side shelves are closed with a transparent glass door for a sleek look. The overall design is rustic and warm, featuring functional and simple shelves against the barnwood brown color. 

There is also a cable management feature integrated with the console that will help keep the wires of the TV organized and out of plain sight. Despite the electric fireplace combined with this TV stand, there is no need for you to hire an electrician, as the unit can be easily assembled by merely plugging it into a socket. 

This particular color of this TV stand, in barnwood brown, from Walker Edison, is perfectly loved by customers. It’s now used as an entertainment piece in a variety of homes while providing excellent storage space and warming up rooms. 

It has over 1400+ ratings, with an impressive 4.3-star average. It also has a landslide amount of positive ratings. It’s given 4.5 stars for packaging, 4.2 stars for storage capacity, 4.1 stars for sturdiness, and 4.0 stars for value for money. 

Alternative – Walker Edison Furniture 64-inch TV Stand

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This is the reclaimed barnwood version of the other Walker Edison TV stand with a fireplace. It shares the same design and features—including the cable management feature and the easy-to-use, no electrician-required electrical fireplace. 

The reclaimed barnwood color is a darker brown than the barnwood brown. The darker brown looks more rustic and aged, perfect for the farmhouse mid-century homes that it is built for. Aside from the barnwood brown and reclaimed barnwood color, the other variations are as follows: traditional brown, black, natural, driftwood, and espresso. 

This is not only multifunctional but also durable. It’s meant to be used in snowy and wintery places and can withstand and last through any cold day. It is built for colder climates, with the electric fireplace. It is made from high-grade MDF with a laminate finish, with extra durability. Despite its features, it’s pretty simple to install, and you can do so in 2 hours. 

There is a separate switch for the fireplace display and the actual heating element of the electric fireplace. The settings are also independent. This makes it perfectly convenient and customizable, depending on the weather and your preferences. The blower of the fireplace is also extremely quiet for a relaxing afternoon. 

Walker Edison Furniture Company is a brand that manufactures different kinds of home furniture. There are chairs, tables, bed frames, cabinets, and TV stands. The brand’s mission is to produce nostalgic furniture that takes its customers to their early childhood when things were warm, and everything smelled of oakwood, and it was stress-free. 

They have a variety of designs and themes, but their rustic and nostalgic designs for their TV stands, cabinets, and vanities, are especially worth looking into. 

Best Minimal – VASAGLE Retro Mid-Century Entertainment Center

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This TV stand from VASAGLE is our particular choice for the most rustic-looking console amongst all TV stands on this list. It is quite short if you are looking for a shorter TV stand, as it only comes up to a height of 19.5 inches. 

It’s the choice of many because of a good reason: the TV stand is made with a wood grain finish that showcases the natural swirls and pattern of the tree that it was cut from. It is a charming, retro-looking TV holder that would look good with anything you put on top of it. It is the peak of everything rustic and vintage for a mid-century farmhouse. 

It is made of sturdy particleboard, and the slanted legs are made of solid rubberwood to give proper support to the main body of the TV stand. It can hold a total weight of up to 110 pounds. There are also corner braces on the back crate. It also has screws and wooden pegs for extra measure. 

It’s very functional as a storage space, with two, open shelving units and two side cabinets on either side. The top is smooth and even, which is vital so that it can adequately balance your TV. 

It comes in rustic brown, a classic vintage color. The great thing about this TV stand is that you can order some extra bottom pads to avoid scratching the floor and some mending wedges for extra stability. 

It has a 4.2-star average rating on Amazon and previous customers are surprised with how the console looks in person. It looks stylish and rustic but is sturdy and durable. It can successfully and safely hold up your TV set. But most importantly, it’s such a good deal for its low price. 

Best Industrial – VASAGLE 43-inch Industrial Rustic Brown 

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For the more straightforward and more minimalistic households, this VASAGLE TV stand is our recommendation. It has an impressive 4.8-star average rating from over 100 satisfied clients. 

It looks incredibly minimalistic and rustic, with its solid wood two top tiers and the mesh metal design and frame that perfectly matches for a splendid overall look. 

This is extremely functional, with a three-tiered surface area that can hold a lot of items for you. It can support a TV that weighs up to 68 pounds, which is the perfect weight for most standard and large TVs. The first two tiers are made of wood grain, while the bottom is a mesh metal basket. 

But most importantly, it’s very reliable. The metal frame is sturdy and durable, while the chipboard is made of high strength. This makes it possible to hold a TV of up to 45-inches and other extra items within the shelving units. 

VASAGLE is the company to the rescue if you need home styling or redecoration. It offers a wide variety of furniture for all areas of your home. The company prides itself in providing home-style and sturdy furniture that leaves the customers 100% satisfied and impressed. There is also a wide variety of rustic and vintage-style furniture from this company. 

There are no complaints about this product. It’s been praised and recommended time and time again. It has a 4.8 for all its important qualities: sturdiness, value for money, and easy to assemble. 

It is effortless to assemble and put together, and it’s probably the most comfortable on-the-go TV stand on this list. Buyers are especially impressed with the sleek look and design of this TV stand. 

Great Quality – Walker Edison Furniture Modern Wood TV Stand

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Let’s cap off this list with something truly rustic and vintage. This is another Walker Edison TV stand in a classic dark walnut color. Pair it with other dark brown hues in your home (in furniture, rugs, and accents) for coordinated and sleek home decor. 

It is pretty long, with a length of 60-inches. The length and construction are perfect for any flat-screen TVs that are up to 65-inches in length. It rises for up to 24 inches. 6 sturdy and slanted stands provide sufficient support. 

The main chamber in the middle is open, for easy access to frequently used items like the remote or video games. The side cabinets have pull-to-open doors with sleek black metal handles for a complementary look. 

The grain of the wood is evident and apparent, with a horizontal pattern that runs from left to right. 

It comes in many different varieties: 48 inches, 52 inches, 70 inches, end table, accent table and bookshelf. This makes it an option to build your home around these different-sized TV stands and even tables and a bookshelf. 

There are 4 colors to choose from: birch, dark walnut, pecan, and slate grey. 

It has a 4.4-star average rating, with the previous customers in agreement with this product: it is sturdy, functional, aesthetic and extremely high-quality. 

Those were the 6 best rustic, and vintage TV stands that you can buy online. We covered a wide variety—from minimalistic stands to consoles that have more features; you will surely find the perfect TV stand for your rustic home.

What to keep in mind when buying a rustic and vintage TV stand

TV stand shopping can get pretty tricky. Unlike other furniture, like tables or cabinets, there are some technical specifications that you should keep in mind when buying a TV stand. Not to worry, as we’ll be discussing those reminders in this section.


It’s especially crucial to have the accurate specifications for the measurements of your TV. If you’re unsure of its size, you may check the original packaging of your TV (if you still have it), you can look it up online, or you can break out the tape measure and record the measurements yourself. 

The TV stand should be at least as wide as your TV, and its height should complement your viewing angle (from your living room couch). It would exceptionally be uncomfortable if your TV is mounted too high from your viewing angle. 

It’s also crucial that the TV stand can sustain up to at least twice the weight of your flat-screen TV.

Durability and stability 

Your TV stand isn’t like your cabinets that would be holding non-essential light items. Your TV stand is supposed to hold your flat-screen TV—something costly and fragile. 

That’s why it’s a must that you take a look at the construction of your TV stand. A few topics to think about are:

  • durability
  • Support 
  • Stability 

And does the design get in the way of solidity? 

It’s best to check the screws adjoining the wooden boards, as well as the attachment of the stands to the main body of the TV stand. 

Think of your lifestyle

Are you a more minimalistic and straightforward person? Are there fewer items in your home than regular? If this is the case, you might want to opt for simpler TV stands that have less storage space, since you will have no use for them, anyways. 

If you’re the opposite, and you know you have some video games, consoles, or books that need to be stored, find a wide-enough TV stand that provides ample storage space, without looking too cluttered or messy. 

Double-check the material and the finish 

Wood and metal are the safest choices, as they are long-lasting and exceptionally durable and stable. They provide the right amount of durability and stability—two of the best qualities needed for a TV stand. 

The material is often finished differently. Some finishes don’t last too long, and will quickly wither away within just a few months. Be extremely wary of choosing the material and finish of your TV stand. It’s best to conduct in-depth research of the material and finish, as well as looking into the reviews of your prospective TV holder.