What is the best way to clean a sofa?

High-quality sofas don’t need constant attention. If you have a cloth sofa, you only need to do some light cleaning weekly and deep cleaning at least twice a year, while a leather sofa may require occasional rubbing down and conditioning at least once a year. Nevertheless, time will come when you have to clean your sofa. Thankfully, cleaning it is relatively easy as long as you know the tricks and have ideal cleaning supplies. 

How do you clean a bonded leather sofa? 

A bonded leather sofa is not the same as a genuine leather sofa, and this means you can’t clean them the same way. Bonded leather is polyurethane or vinyl with backing made of scraps of leather. Therefore, it should be clean like polyurethane or vinyl, which is with a damp fabric. 

Just like a cloth sofa, make sure you clean your bonded leather sofa once per two weeks to ensure it lasts long. 

Here are simple ways to clean your bonded sofa.

Make sure it is bonded leather sofa 

It is hard for an untrained eye to spot the difference between a bonded leather sofa and a genuine leather sofa. But the trick lies in the price. If you feel the price is too low for a leather sofa, then it is likely bonded leather. 

Look at the label for more information. Genuine leather products tend to have this information on the tag.

Remove the large debris 

Start by wiping out the surface of the sofa using a damp cloth or towel to remove debris, body oil, and dirt. 

Vacuum the leather 

Once you have wiped out the dirt and some other large items, vacuum the surface of the leather to remove dirt. You can use a soft-bristled brush attachment on your vacuum hose for effective cleaning. 

Consider using crevice attachment to reach into corners and folds of bonded leather sofa.

How to wash bonded leather sofa 

After some time, you will need to clean your bonded leather sofa. Light cleaning is not enough as far as proper caring of your sofa is concerned.

Creating your own cleaning solution 

Use a few drops (3-5) of mild soap or soap designed for leather and mix it in a liter of lukewarm water. Mix them until you begin to see some foam on the top. 

To be sure about your detergent, consider using purified water. This way you don’t have to worry about the chlorine and other impurities found on tap water staining your leather. 

Test the cleaning solution 

Just like all kinds of detergents, you want first to ensure it doesn’t react with your leather, so test your newly made cleaning detergent in a small area of your sofa. Use a microfiber cloth to apply a small amount of soap in an inconspicuous spot of the bonded leather sofa. Wipe the area using a dry cloth and observe if there are stains or fading. 

Sometimes the manufacture may recommend the best cleaning solution or the best way to clean the bonded leather. So make sure you read the label or contact the manufacturer. 

Clean your bonded leather sofa 

Once you are sure, your cleaning solution is safe on your couch, soak a piece of cloth (soft-textured cloth is preferred), in the detergent and squeeze it out thoroughly. Start from any spot or corner of your choice and wipe down your sofa with the rag. Soak another cloth into distilled water; wring it, and then using it to rinse the spot. 

Continue until your entire sofa is clean.

Use another cloth to dry away excess water from your sofa and allow it to dry. Take the couch outside if you can, although overexposure to sunlight may lead to cracking and splitting of the leather tissue from the backing.

How to care for your bonded leather sofa 

Though a bonded leather sofa tends to last longer compared to cloth sofa, you can elongate its lifespan by taking good care of it. 

  • Avoid using harsh or alcohol-based cleaners on your bonded leather sofa. Also never use colored clothes to wipe down your sofa because the color in the cloth may transfer to the bonded leather. 
  • Vacuum your sofa regularly with a soft brush attachment to remove dust, crumbs, pet dander, and fibers. 
  • In case of spills, blot the spot with a clean cloth immediately 
  • For your cleaning routine, use a mild detergent to wipe down your sofa to remove dirt, grime, dust, and other impurities 
  • Always make sure your bonded sofa is dry before sitting on it.