What’s Best A Double Or Single Kitchen Sink?

The idea of having a functional kitchen is so that you can be able to prepare your meals without any interference. A functional kitchen will enable you to move and work seamlessly throughout the space. But to achieve a well-functioning kitchen, you will have to make some choices and sacrifices. 

Because of the many decisive decisions we put together the best farmhouse kitchen sinks but the critical question is; do you need a single or double sink?  

For a well-functioning kitchen; many people don’t give sink enough consideration; they just think to put the sink in front of the window in the kitchen and that’s it. Luckily, for you, we are going to compare the difference of a single and double sinks for home or commercial use. 

Let’s start with the single sink;

Single Sink: Advantages and Disadvantages 


Easy to install 

Installing a single sink involves half the effort you will require to install a double sink. A single sink only has one bowl, which means it is also cheaper. You also need to only connect a single water drain for it to work, unlike with a double sink where you will need to connect two water drains.

Variety of faucets 

With a single bowl sink, you are spoilt of choices with hundreds of variety faucet options. You can choose either double or single hole faucets or even the most recent designs, disc faucets. Others come equipped with a side sprayer for conveniently washed dishes. 


Single sinks are inexpensive compared to their double bowl counterparts. A typical single sink can cost you somewhere between $150 and $200. On top of that, single bowl sinks are readily available either in physical stores or online. 


If you are working with limited space, a single bowl sink could be a great option. They allow enough space to wash larger cutlery and dishes. The single bowl can be the size of two smaller bowls. So if you have bigger kitchen appliances such as pans, plates, trays, and pots, a single bowl sink may serve you properly. 

Low maintenance 

Single sink bowls are easy to clean. But this may depend on how you are using them. If you only use them to wash larger dishes like crates, then it will be much easier to maintain a single sink unlike if you use it to wash dishes that have oil and food debris that may accumulate in the faucets. 


Uses a lot of resources 

Apparently, both double and single sinks use a similar amount of detergent and water. However, depending on the use, single sinks can consume more support than a double sink. On the other hand, double sinks can be used only for drying, which means half of the resources are used for cleaning. 

Less versatile 

When it comes to multiple uses, a single sink can only be used for washing dishes. On the other hand, a double bowl sink can be used for several purposes, 

More space 

Single bowl sink can only be used for cleaning despite using too much counter space, unlike double sinks which can be used for several purposes such as drying and cleaning. 

Double Sinks: Advantages and Disadvantages 


Functional and versatile 

The two bowls allow you to use the sink for washing and drying at the same time. With a single sink, this option is not available. 

Besides, you can place a drying rack on one bowl to save space. 

You can also use both bowls in a double sink to wash the dishes, which will speed up the work but will require more than one person. 

Use fewer resources

If you can only use one bowl, you can save a lot of water and detergent, and end up using half as much as a single sink. 


Installation is difficult 

Double bowl sinks require connection of two drains. And because of that, the installation will be a bit more tedious than a single pan. This also means the cost of installation will rise. But if you know some plumbing, you can at least cut back on cost, but labor will remain the same.

Few varieties of faucets 

Double sinks have a very few faucet options compared to single bowl sinks. This is due to the installation process. Double sinks must be joined to two water drains, which make it harder to include accessories like pull-out and sprayers to the faucets. 

Not suitable for larger cookware 

Due to two bowls, double sinks do not provide enough room for larger appliances since the original space has to be divided into two. 

Final Thoughts 

Both single and double sinks have their pros and cons. One provides enough space for utensils that cannot fit into the dishwasher than the other, while the other is more versatile than the other. With that in mind, the definitive choice rests on your hands.