Interior Design Tips For Finding A Living Room Rug

The living room is the social room of the house, and therefore, we always try to make it as stylish and cozy as possible. Besides being where we welcome our visitors and friends, the living room is also the room that greets us every day from our daily endeavors. Depending on how you decorate it, the living room can tremendously impact your mood and even change your perspective towards life in general. 

The look and feel of the living room is the sum of its parts. This means that everything, be it small or big, that you add in the room will significantly impact the living room. There are many ideas for decorating a living room such as picking the right kind of furniture, choosing the correct color and lighting, and many more. However, there is one trick many homeowners tend to ignore when decorating their living room: the right living room area rug. 

Before choosing a living room area rug, there are several things you need to consider. Below are some of them: 


The first thing you need to do when choosing your living room area rug is deciding the color. This is an essential aspect for any interior décor, especially because the colors on your floor will significantly affect the color choices for the room or even your entire home. Having said that, your area rug should balance in flawlessly with no less than two of your accent hues. 


The next thing is the material of the rug. Generally, are rug is made from four major types of fiber, namely polyester, wool, nylon, and a form of polyester known as Triexa. These are all synthetic fibers.

Natural fiber rugs include wool, cotton, sisal and jute, and silk and viscose. 


This includes the pattern on the rug. The style of your area rug will speak volumes and enhance the essence of your living room and home in general. 


The size of the area rug will depend on the available space in your living room. Choose a rug that is of an appropriate scale to the room because a rug can make the room appear smaller or bigger depending on the size and placement. 


Keeping a rug clean all the time requires a lot of effort. If you want your living room to look appealing, you need to ensure all the components are clean. 

Additional tips 

Go for a classic-style rug for brown and beige 

If your living room is decorated with beige and brown accents, you may want to go with a vintage-looking area rug. This may be a brown rug or one with some grey and classic dark patterns. This will help you enhance the classic ambience in your living room and take you back in ancient times. 

The shape of the rug should be reminiscent of the living room 

The shape of your living room should dictate the size and shape of your area rug. For instance, a rectangular rug will look out of place in a living room that is irregular in shape. However, some shapes tend to complement one another, such as round and hexagonal, rectangle and square, or triangle and round. 

Try to create harmony 

Since you have already filled your living room with a lot of other items and colors, you don’t want to drench it with more patterns and hues by going with a vibrant looking area rug. That is why you need to choose a rug with a minimum color as possible. You can even try using two complementary rugs to avoid warring patterns. 

Be creative 

Being creative means mixing rugs and coming up with the best look for your living room floor. Create variety by using two rugs and bring a sense of separation in your living space. When going for two rugs, be sure to match their colors with your furniture to create multiple themes in your living room. 

Consider using cerulean carpet 

Bring that oceanic vibe in your living room by using a cerulean carpet. You can use several accessories to create a beach-inspired theme in your room, such as green area rug or gray and white rugs. This type of rug will require a bit of extra effort to keep the rug clean.

Try layering 

This is another trick that you can try in your living room area rug. Find a neutral jute area rug, which tends to clean up quickly and very well no matter the stain, and place over it your patterned rug. 

Also, try to layer your rug over the floor carpet to add a playfulness in your living room and pull together the entire space.