Where To Buy Real Wood Vanity When On A Budget

Real wood vanities add a subtle touch of elegance to either a bedroom or bathroom. The texture and look of grain is such a classic aesthetic that it is easily matched with different home interior decor designs. 

But it’s not just for aesthetic value that people choose real wood vanities over vanities made of other materials. Real, solid wood, is durable and has been the material of choice for homeowners and developers over the years. With the right sealant and maintenance, it will certainly last you a long time. 

However, real solid wood vanities, such as those made of oak and pine trees, are quite expensive. While solid wood vanities do cause a fortune, there are places where you can buy these solid wood vanities for a price that fits your budget. 

This article lists down the places where you can find cheap real solid wood vanities, we also put together the 9 best vintage vanities you can buy online.

Habitat for Humanity Stores

Habitat for Humanity Stores are stores that sell secondhand household items, such as furniture and appliances for reuse and better usage. These are owned by individuals who are a part of the Habitat for Humanity Organization. 

It’s like a Goodwill version of a Home Depot, where home improvement item owners come to drop off their used furniture and the store sells them to people who are looking for a great find. 

Some people are renovating their old, outdated homes, to a more modern one. And so, they have to get rid of their wooden furniture. Often, it’s much easier to donate this furniture to Habitat for Humanity Stores as compared to arranging a way to dump them. Make sure you check for damages and to make sure the vanity has been removed correctly.

If there are places where you will get real wood vanity (of high quality and unique designs) for low prices, your best bet is to try every Habitat for Humanity Store near you. 

It’s not a guaranteed hit, however. You have to keep trying with most stores that are in your area, Remember, it is a vanity you are looking for, and it is much rarer as compared to a table or a bedframe. But with great luck and great perseverance, you might land a great deal. 


Where else to buy handmade and vintage items but in Etsy? 

Etsy is an online platform where you can find all sorts of listings that people are selling. And a simple “solid wood vanity” search on the Etsy search bar will show you all your available options. 

The real wood vanities that you will find in Etsy will already be discounted since they are secondhand. You can utilize the Etsy search settings to find the cheapest options on the website. 

Keep in mind, though, that buying online has its few disadvantages. You can never really physically inspect the vanity until it gets to you. Therefore, it’d be challenging to tell from pictures if the vanity is really made of solid wood. Just sure to ask the seller for photos and questions, before making your decision. Defects and discoloration are also easy to hide by camera angles and tricks. 


Similar to Etsy, Craigslist is another online platform where you’re more likely to find real wood vanities. 

It’s an online advertisement website, where people can market the items they are selling, their businesses, and the jobs that they currently offer. 

Search for “real wood vanity” on Craigslist, and there should be hits that’s exactly what you are looking for. 

Like with Etsy, and any online platform, be very vigilant in making your purchase. 

Garage Sales

That’s right, look for garage sales in your state, or areas near you. While they are quite challenging to chance upon, garage sales are likely to have furniture for sale. 

Here’s the thing, garage sales are usually made by people who are moving homes. And so, they are making the garage sale to get rid of their things while at the same time, making a profit. If it’s a real wood vanity (that’s probably outdated) that you are looking for, you might undoubtedly find them in these garage sales. 

Furniture consignment stores

Consignment stores are where people take their items, that they no longer have any use for, to be sold, while still retaining ownership of these items. 

The good news is that furniture consignment stores are also great places to replace your bathroom vanity and the chances of finding a real wood vanity are high. There are no differences between a furniture consignment store and a furniture thrift store, from a buyer’s perspective. 

Remember that there are online furniture consignment stores if you seem to be already running out of physical store options. They are usually in website format, like My Sister’s Attic, or some are standalone Facebook pages like The Furniture Consignment Place. 

Furniture thrift stores

Thrift store furniture shops are similar to Habitat for Humanity Stores, in that the previous owners take their furniture to the thrift stores to finally get rid of them.

While you are checking consignment and Habitat by Humanity stores, be sure not to forget to visit local furniture thrift stores near you. The shop is not that different, but it wouldn’t hurt to check all places possible. 

Facebook state marketplace

As a last-ditch option, if you did not find any real wood vanity on the physical (and online stores) you visited, you may post a Facebook ad on your state’s marketplace. 

Make it conversational and ask the members of the group if they have any real wood vanities that you can get your hands on. 

If you’re lucky and the group has a good amount of members, someone will advertise their real wood vanity that is just sitting in their garage home for you. 

I’ve failed all the various places where you can find cheap real wood vanities, from online consignment stores to Facebook marketplaces. If you look hard enough, you will surely find your dream real wood vanity for a good deal.