What Kind Of Mirror To Install In A Big Bathroom

While mirrors in small bathrooms are usually installed to enlarge the space, when it comes to larger bathrooms, it all comes down to your personality and preferences as well as what you want to achieve with your mirror.

So what kind of mirror should you use in your large bathroom? Remember, your focus is not to make your room look bigger, but to enhance its functionality and aesthetic. In this case, size, style, and placement of the mirror is a matter of your taste, but what will dictate your decision is the material used to make the mirror. If you need inspiration check out our top collections of mirrors.

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Here are some examples of mirrors for your large bathroom.

Wall mirror

This refers to any mirror that is mounted on a bathroom wall. For your larger bathroom, you can go for whatever size and shape that you like and or match your interior décor. Wall mirrors can come with frames to offer a pop of color or distinct material to contrast or complement to your décor or frameless.

But before you choose a larger wall mirror for your bathroom, think about the installation.

Full-Length Mirror

This type of mirror will allow plenty of light into your bathroom. You can install it horizontally to add a reflective surface to your décor without giving away your style. Alternatively, you can install your full-length mirror diagonally from a vanity mirror if you want to create an illusion of ample space and be able to see your whole body from head to toe.

Decorative mirrors

Though they are technically wall mirrors, decorative mirrors tend to add more value to the bathroom than wall mirrors. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including exciting design features like the sun, birds, flowers, or geometric shapes that are not rectangular or square.

Decorative mirrors also may include exciting frames that add some ornate, contemporary touch to your space.

Floor mirror

This type of mirror is usually created with an independent frame and so don’t need installation other than unfolding and hanging them wherever you wish. Floor mirrors can also be angled, which can help make the ceiling in your bathroom appear higher. Because of the angles, the mirrors also tend to have a slimming effect on reflection.

Most of the time, you may find floor mirrors fitted with some ornate designs, which can be suitable if you have a soaker tub.

Floor mirrors are usually more versatile compared to other bathroom mirrors and are easy to move around. Traditional full-mirrors, floor mirrors can also be placed diagonally opposite a bathroom window or another mirror.

Pivot mirror

Fitted with a versatile mount, pivot mirrors can be pulled from the wall and angled in a range of directions to provide you with the flexibility you need when applying makeup.

Some pivot mirrors are two-sided with a standard traditional mirror surface on one side and a magnified surface on the other side.

Lighted mirror

Lighted mirrors can help you brighten your room by imitating the natural light, thus creating an optimum condition for applying makeup whenever you want. These mirrors are specifically suited to bathrooms that don’t have any window as it will help generate light and positive space.

Medicine cabinet mirror

Medicine cabinets have evolved a considerable amount. Instead of a boring medicine cabinet, today you can have one with a built-in mirror that can help complete the space in your bathroom.

Oval mirrors

These mirrors can come in handy if you don’t have enough wall space or just for adding elegance to your interior look. Oval mirrors can fit appropriately into narrow designs and are a great choice if you wish for a full-length mirror but lack adequate space.

Oval mirrors can also add some luxurious touch to your space.

Hexagon mirrors

If you are looking for a geometric option to add to your classic style, then go with hexagonal mirrors or six-sided shaped mirrors. They tend to come with attractive designs such as classic marble, round tubs, oval sinks, or ornate fixtures to add modernity and funky feel to your bathroom.

Circle mirrors

These types of mirrors can create a versatile contrast in your bathroom to enhance your interior décor. It mainly is an excellent option if you have angular tiles, sinks, or fixtures. When paired, circular mirrors can help diminish the solid edges in your bathroom.