Why You Need A Wood Vanity Top In Your Bathroom

The vanity for your bathroom is one of the major furniture choices that you will make when building or renovating your home. After all, a bathroom without a vanity would feel empty and lacking, like something is missing. 

When choosing a vanity make sure to check out our 9 best rustic vanities, and keep in mind some major factors like the design, the quality and the size. While these factors are pretty straightforward, vanity buyers should look into the countertop material as well. 

What are countertops usually made of?

There are tons of countertop materials that your countertop may come with. 

  1. Granite
  2. Tile
  3. Quartz
  4. Tempered Glass
  5. Vitreous China
  6. Ceramic 
  7. Marble 
  8. Concrete 
  9. Acrylic resin 
  10. Wood

With this wide variety of countertop materials that you can choose from, it can get pretty overwhelming and confusing when deciding on your vanity countertop. 

When building your dream farmhouse, wood, as a material, is often chosen over others. The aesthetic matches the distressed rustic look that you are going for, and so, wood is one of the most logical materials to incorporate to your household. 

If you have one of the mentioned countertops above and what to replace it make sure you check out our guide on replacing your old vanity. In this article we will discuss the reasons why you should choose wood for your bathroom vanity countertop.

Wood is aesthetically pleasing.

The apparent reason is that wood is aesthetically pleasing. The combination of the look of the grain, texture of wood, and color of the wood is the main reason why wood is so good on the eyes. It adds depth to the bathroom because of the grain and makes the bathroom look more “homely”, as opposed to marble and ceramic that adds a cold feel to the already cold room. Wood adds a touch of subtle elegance and a more “organic” touch to a room made of cold tiles and ceramics.

If you love the look of wood or are incorporating wood to other furniture in your home, a wood vanity countertop is a way to go. 

Wood stains are easily fixed

Marble doesn‘t age very well. It may develop pits and rough patches over time. Vitreous China, and ceramic, with the natural white color, can easily be stained. If you‘ve had ceramic countertops before, you will know that despite cleaning off stains, they build up over time, forming a dirty and overall unpleasant look. The main problem with ties is that grime and dirt collect in the cracks, and would need professional grout cleaning to be removed. Staining is especially a problem with bathroom vanities because of the humidity and water. 

Wood, on the other hand, can be damaged. The level of damage depends on its varnish, laminate and coating. However, in general, wood stains can be easily removed without much damage to the material. Makeup stains can easily be wiped down. Dried nail polish stains can be sanded down and revarnished. 

Wood is sturdy 

Wood, as a bathroom material, usually come in two kinds: solid wood, that is made of real natural wood, and solid hardwood. 

Oak, cherry and maple, are the usual trees that are used for solid hardwood. These are the sturdiest and most durable wood material that can be used. 

The usual complaint about wood countertops in the bathroom is that they can easily be destroyed by water and the amount of humidity in the bathroom. While it is true that the porous surface of wood makes it easy for it to absorb water and water molecules in the air, we advise that you do not underestimate the durability of wood. 

Wood has been the chosen material by home builders and contractors over the centuries. The main reason for that is because wood is genuinely durable and has been tested by time. 

To be extra secure with your wood countertop vanity against water and humidity, you may seal it with a waterproof sealing to make the surface water-resistant.

Wood offers many options.

There are a lot of different wood options that you can choose from. Wood bathroom materials are usually made from more basic trees such as birch or pine, or to sturdier and more rare species of trees like oakwood and maple. Moreover, there are different colors, kinds and grain that you can choose from, depending on the cut and species of the wood. You can have more yellow, a more brownish shade, or a reddish tone. 

Aside from natural wood colors, wood can also be varnished differently to match your preferences. There are also wood paints and wood sealers that can be used if you are opting for a different colored wood than the traditional wood finish. 

Wood is flexible 

When it comes to redecorating, you can never really go wrong with wood. It is such a classic material that its natural finish matches a lot of different style choices and color palettes. Wood is classic with white, but offers a more organic feel when paired with brown colors. You can turn your bathroom into your at-home spa if you match a wood vanity countertop and wooden flooring. 

Moreover, wood is very forgiving when you decide to renovate, a few years down the road. Wood can be varnished or painted multiple times, depending on your mood. It can take on different colors and can perfectly match the trends or your preferences in the future. 

Wood is easily maintained.

While wood does require regular maintenance, it does not need expensive cleaning equipment or cleaning services, like how marble or tile does. 

There is a lot of at-home and inexpensive wood care products that you can use when maintaining your wood vanity countertop although the care for your wood vanity countertop is heavily dependent on the type of wood and furnishing that you have. 

With proper care, regular cleaning, and controlling the humidity in your bathroom, your wood vanity countertop will undoubtedly last you a long time. 

This article discussed the benefits of buying a wood countertop with your bathroom vanity. Those reasons ranged from the aesthetics, durability, flexibility and low-maintenance of wood countertops. 

With all of these considered, it is undoubtedly worth it to invest in a suitable wood countertop vanity for your bathroom.