What Is The Best Way To Clean A Bathroom Mirror?

Are you tired of seeing streaks on your bathroom mirror after cleaning? Sometimes, regardless of how carefully and painstakingly you clean, you will still have a streaky vision of yourself when you gaze into your bathroom mirror. 

These mirrors of every size are notoriously known for accumulating a hideous layer of hairspray, toothpaste, and many other bathroom products. In some cases, water can also contribute to this mess by causing lime or calcium buildup. So how do you deal with this menace? Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to clean your bathroom mirror spick and span. 

Before we get started on the best ways to clean your bathroom mirrors, let’s first begin with what to avoid. There are numerous methods of cleaning that are not effective. 


Newspaper: Despite being the most common method of cleaning windows and also readily available, newspapers just don’t cut it when it comes to this task. This is because it tends to leave behind debris and ink, which you may end up spending more hours cleaning. 

Paper towels: These are also a go-to method for many people. But the problem with paper towels is that they leave lint, which can be very hard to remove. 

All-purpose cleaner: Though all-purpose cleaners usually do excellent jobs on the floor and countertops, they are not recommended for bathroom mirrors. This is because they contain oils that will leave behind some unsightly streaks which will lead to your mirror fogging

The best way to clean a bathroom mirror

The trick to properly cleaning your bathroom mirror is to use the right supplies. Below is a list of what you need: 

  • Rubbing alcohol: This is a very inexpensive supply that will help you have a clean, shiny bathroom mirror void of soap scum, streaks, and other dirt. Most people have alcohol lying around in the kitchen, so you may not even have to buy.
  • Flat-weave microfiber fabrics: You can find one of these at a hardware store. Just make sure the label says “flat-weave”. These fabrics will ensure you get rid of any debris, lint, or water splashes from your bathroom mirror.
  • Glass cleaner: There is a wide range of glass cleaner brands out there from which you can buy a liquid for cleaning your bathroom mirror. Alternatively, you can create your own solution at home. Mix water with white vinegar in a 1:1 ratio and put it in a water spray bottle.
  • Cotton balls: Store some cotton balls in your bathroom as they tend to be great for removing makeup dollops and other nasty buildups.


Now that you have all the necessary tools, it is time to start cleaning. If you think the first step (getting the required tools) was simple, wait till begin cleaning. All you need is four steps, and you will have a sparkling bathroom mirror. 

Step #1: Soak cotton balls in alcohol and wipe with it the surface of the mirror to remove makeup, toothpaste, water splashes, and other debris. This is just spot-cleaning before you get down to business. Make sure your mirror is free of any spot before you continue. 

Step #2: Spray the spot-free mirror with your favorite glass cleaner – be it branded, off-brand, or homemade. A light sprays the mirror evenly and then proceed to the next step.

Step #3: Use your flat-weave microfiber rug and start wiping the glass cleaner solution off the mirror. Before you use the cloth, make sure it is folded into four, so that you will have four sides to work with rather than two. Start with the top left corner of the mirror and drag the cloth firmly on the surface, across the right bottom corner. Change the side of the fabric and start at the top right corner and sweep down to the left. 

Zigzagging on the surface will ensure the mirror is cleaned neatly. Lastly, use an allover “S” pattern to clean the other areas of your bathroom mirror. 

Step #4: Check for streaks you may have missed once the mirror is dry. To ensure no scuff marks are left, check the mirror at 45 degrees slant to shed more light on the mirror to reveal any streaks you would otherwise not see when looking at the mirror straight on. 

How to maintain a clean bathroom mirror 

To make sure your mirror stays clean all the time, make sure you have the cleaning supplies readily available. You need to clean your bathroom mirror regularly, and so keep your cleaning tools in a container or a small bucket and store them somewhere in your bathroom. The space under the bathroom sink will do. This way, you will be ready in seconds when you notice some debris building up on your mirror.