Mirror Shapes That Make Your Small Bathroom Bigger

Have you ever wondered why mirrors in the bathroom are typically larger or designed in a particular shape? As it turns out, there is a reason for that, and it is not so that you can shave cleanly or adjust your tie. 

Mirrors serve different purposes in the bathroom. Apart from making us look good, they can also make our bathrooms look bigger and brighter. We have collected the 11 of the best farmhouse mirrors so you can get the perfect mirror for your purpose.

But what mirror shape can make your small bathroom look bigger? 

Surprisingly, it is not about the shape of the mirror that creates the illusion of roominess, instead it is what the mirror reflects.

So before placing a mirror, there are a few things you need to do first in your bathroom. In the case of the living room or the bedroom, you can just remove the clutter to create more space, but when it comes to the bathroom, it is more about creating illusions by eliminating contrast. 

Let’s see what you can do to allow your bathroom mirror to reflect a spacious room.

Know where to place your mirrors 

Not all corners of the room are suitable for mirrors. Mirrors are only as good as what they reflect, so use your bathroom mirror strategically. One of the best ideas is to hang on the wall opposite a window so that it appears as if the room has two windows and standing in front of this mirror will make it look like you are standing at the center of the room. 

You can also hang your mirror on your small bathroom from sidewall to sidewall, which will open up space enormously.

Maintain the same tone, value, or color 

If you can, use the same color on your bathroom walls, tiles, and even ceiling. Don’t have one color on the walls and another on the tiles as this will visually reduce the space and make your bathroom appear smaller. 

But if you want some contrast, you can add using objects such as a light fixture and low cabinet. This way, that object will be highlighted as a feature while everything else recedes and blends as a backdrop. 

Use the same color on the ceilings and the walls 

This is important notably if your ceiling features some abnormally-shaped low areas or is oddly angled. 

By painting the walls and ceiling using the same color, you will unify the tone and make any strange shapes wane and ultimately create a visually spacious bathroom. Having the same color on the ceiling and the walls reduces the number of transitions and planes significantly overlapping, thus creating a cleaner and expansive ceiling space in the bathroom.

In the case of a flat ceiling, you can use one shade lighter since the ceilings tend to be darker compared to the walls, but this will produce the same effect.

Use the wall color on the tiles 

Using the same color on the walls and floor tiles doubles the space of your small bathroom. This will divide the space of the bathroom into two, creating a sense of two spate spaces. 

Pay attention to transitions 

As you continue to blend materials from one space to another without stopping and restarting, the more your space appears cleaner and clutter-free.

Use clear glass 

For decoration, many people tend to install textured glass in their shower. While this can increase the aesthetic value of your bathroom, it will also create an illusion of an extra wall. Even if textured glass enhances privacy, it is a visual obstruction within your bathroom. 

The big mirror is your friend 

A mirror that runs from the floor to the ceiling will reflect everything that you have done up to this point and create a grander feel. Make sure the mirror has lighting installed above it or dangling in front of it to boost the impact of light and make space appear bigger. 

Allow in plenty of natural light 

Besides helping with your make-up, natural light will also make your bathroom look bigger. I understand you need privacy in your bathroom, but having shutters or a blacked-out window will only wall up your window. Instead, cover your window with a tone-on-tone marked glass window or luminous window shade. 

This way, you will not lose your privacy, and the window will allow in plenty of natural light, make sure you keep your mirror clean to reflect the most natural light. 

Sometimes a bathroom may not have a window. In this case, try a sola-tube or a skylight to allow natural light from outside into your bathroom. 

Retreat your cabinets and shelves into the bathroom walls 

Recessing your cabinet into the walls will provide you with some inches of space that will go a long way to make your small bathroom look bigger. Don’t ignore what 4 additional inches can get you.