How to Upcycle Your Furniture

upcycle furniture

Welcome to the Cotswold Company. We all have a piece of furniture in our home that is looking a little worn around the edges. Why not treat it to a …

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10 Best Retro Kitchen Accessories

10 Best Retro Kitchen Accessories (1)

When it comes to renovating a retro house, the things that truly bring out the retro spirit lies in the little knick-knacks that are retro-inspired. With the living room, it’s …

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4 Best Retro Toasters For A Stylish Kitchen

best retro toasters

When designing your retro home, the fun lies in the little knick-knacks and appliances that are retro-inspired. Sure, choosing your 80s flooring and walls will be more enjoyable compared to …

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Fixing a loose shower faucet

fixing shower head loose on wall

How do you know your shower faucet is loose? It will slowly grind away the valve stem that is attached to. You can remove the faucet plates off and the …

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